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Blue Is the Warmest Color (comics) – Wikipedia

Sure, trying to bring awareness was a part of it, but not all of it. And it is a wonderful and tragic one. It’s about a girl named Clementine who was trying to get into terms with her sexuality.

Will this be just as great? Clem is ashamed of her attraction to a woman and never saw ujlie as a lesbian, but those things start to matter less as the relationship deepens.

“Corps sonores” : le nouvel hymne à l’amour de Julie Maroh

Let it burn you. One page Clementine is 17, and then the next she is I absolutely adore it, love it so much. The story takes place in France at the beginning of the new millennium, between the years of and I’d say it’s a work of art about a work of art. All I knew going into it was that it featured a FF-romance, but I had no idea if the tone was going to be sad or not. View all 5 comments. Partly, the story was just packed with every I wanted to love this graphic novel so much more.


Happy people have no stories.

There are a couple of things I didn’t particularly like in the story, the way some things view spoiler [like cheating hide spoiler ] were used felt a bit too rushed, but I guess you can’t really be more subtle in a page story. Or maybe you can point me to some links where I can download it for free.

I was a little obsessed with it — I dreamed about the film for two nights after I saw it, and I was still going over it in my head weeks later. It’s a story about first love, self-doubt, finding your place in this sometimes cruel world, insecurity, sexual awakening and dealing with the loss of a beloved person. For the most part, this book was sad. Their relationship wasn’t the best there was.

As is usually the case, there are some stark differences between that and the book. Once they hit 30, the book gets silly and ridiculous to pump up the drama. Apparently, it’s geared to the YA reader, which I didn’t know at least, several reviewers alluded to that. This song, so poignantly performed by Georges Brassensand inspired by the eponymous poem by Louis Aragon could be an anthem to this moving graphic novel: When the artist does use her full pallete of colors it’s beautiful, but the simplicity of the sepia is very appealing.


He posited that whether it’s the books, movies, animation, music, whatever, all the stories are rooted in and can be traced back to one thing, the love aspect of it.

Le bleu est une couleur chaude by Julie Maroh

Want to Read saving…. I know the film version of this is rather Julke German translation, while mostly decent, has some cringeworthy moments. With its magical title and the inventive use of a minimalistic color scheme, the novel beautifully illustrates our very individual perception of colours. So let me talk about Emma this time. So was this graphic novel about what it was so obviously about, at least at a casual glance.

I cannot wait to track down the movie adaptation to watch it, because I’m sure it will be just as great. The artwork in this graphic novel is absolutely stunning. Astride and wreathed in that flowery mess.

chaue Trudy I got it at my local library. Andrea Chiara Well, there are some sex scenes but it’s definitely not porn and they’re definitely not represented like in the movie.

View all 10 comments.