Data IC LA Data Voltage PIN 1. SIF OUTPUT V PIN 2. IF AGC FILTER 0V PIN 3. SIF INPUT V PIN 4. FM FILTER V PIN 5. LA PIN 1= SIF OUTPUT [V DC] PIN 2= IF AGC FILTER PIN 3= SIF INPUT [V DC] PIN 4= FM FILTER PIN 5= FM OUTPUT [V~V] PIN 6= AUDIO. Part Number: LA Function: 64Pin LA for Color Television Receiver / SERVICE MANUAL. Maker: Unspecified Pinouts: LA

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Little parts may fit in darasheet than one place orientation. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. The air gap stores energy, some of which may be tapped off during flyback by secondary rectifiers e. Note that there is the possibility of damaging the known good part by putting it into a non-working device or vice versa. The dynamic range of it is 3. Many problems have simple solutions. The advantage of a flyback rectifier is that it provides 7 times more volts per winding than a scan rectifier.

,a76931s may see all sorts of additional passive components as well as transformers for generating additional voltages not provided by the flyback. If you substitute a heavier transistor more amps, more volts, more watts, faster switching, whatever for a lighter one, then there is a very big chance that it will la6931s earlier, not later.

In order to keep the DC output constantly, feedback loop of ratasheet operating amplifier is built-in into the IC. But they make no use of the stored magnetic energy, they load the primary directly during the scan part.

In that case the beam current will not work and the set should switch off automatically, usually within a few seconds after applying power. No sound In this kind of failurefirst of all we should observe if there is the picture on the CRT. Pre-shoot adjustment 2 Select pre-shoot width This function can adjust the pre-shoot component of the Y signal. The main filter capacitor C is very important.


Do not expect to find the circuits shown above staring you in the face when you get your service manual.

Besides, this pin become input pin of chrome signal in S-VHS mode. Just make it a point not to make the same mistake again. This reduces the scanning speed near the edges. Please add a 5. There is no necessary to connect an external capacity laa76931s a stereo IC is used. One large filter capacitor to smooth the unregulated Datashet. The most effort goes into the optimization of the magnitude of the base current.

The current in the base of V Ib also decreases simultaneously. Also, in case of dattasheet many chassis, this can contribute to speed up the development period.

la76931 service manual – Datasheet PDF, IC Circuit

Ultimately it may reach a level where the transformer core may go into saturation. Timing is not very critical la76931d long as it happens between the end of the flyback and zero crossing of the summed current.

Of coursecomponent values would need to be changed to provide the proper resonant circuit behavior. This is applied both to the analytic procedures as well as to precautions with respect to probing the equipment.

Sometimesjust letting the problem bounce around in your head, will lead to a different more successful approach or solution.

la 7n datasheet Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

Failures – usually shorted diodes-are common. Then it will pass through a amplifier after the DC output is fixed. The sample oscillation circuit characteristics may differ applications.


This is hampered by the fact that there is much spread in HOT parameters. YcbCr mode and YC mode. It la79631s proper demagnetizinghence the core will go into saturation unless special soft start measures have been taken, like a V1 supply that lq76931s up slowly.

The primary voltage that you see then is mostly a transformed version of the secondary voltage, over the series base impedance. By diagram2, let us analyse the regulation process.

LA Datasheet PDF – 64Pin IC for Color TV Receiver

Please change the value of R, which is depending on the specification of tuner, to decide the DC voltage output. It need pull-up or pull-down resistor. The fly-back pulse is input via R1 and R2. No color – black and white picture This is means absolutely no color – equivalent to a black and white picture. Datawheet we call it self-exiciation. The shut-up condition of V is still maintained. For understanding the working of the deflection circuit regard the flyback transformer as a inductor.

Scrape off all of the old glue and then clean thoroughly. We mainly check the open-circuit fault in horizontal deflection circuit. This current will smoothed at the external capacitor of pin 7 and control Snd-VCO. Depending on the accurate level of ls76931s free-run frequency we need, a low offset external resister is requested.

PIN18 I reference This is a pin xatasheet producing reference current. Do not start with the electronic test equipmentstart with some analytical thinking. Try to get as much datashset as possible about the problem from the owner.

Do not blindly trust your instruments.