Meter bracket X 1. 3 mm Allen key X 1. Contact your local distributor if the items listed above are not the same as the one received. Wiring installation instructions . For installation, please follow the steps described in manual. Any damage Thank you for purchasing KOSO RX2N GP style meter, before operating the. Thank you for purchasing “KOSO RXIN GP style meter” the meter is displayed For installation, please follow the steps described in manual. Any RX1N POZ.

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If it is something that is always on surely there is a provision to turn that function off right? Koso is synonym of quality and performance. A simple and compact unit with bar tachometer, odometer trip tachometer and fuel gauge. Otherwise in the rx2n installation thread there are pics of when Arctic did his. I’ll send it around to see if anyone could translate it.

Perfect for off-road and motorcycles applications, this meter features a big LCD display which now uses 2 different backlights to make it easier to read during day or night riding.

But not the one I mentioned before.

Bikermart Motorcycle Accessories Product List

I could possibly get that plug diagram translated if you need. A NOTE provides key information to make procedures easier or clearer. Gear wires you will have to make a gear selector switch or go with the controls from an aftermarket gear indicator setup. What you all think? Eventually they did get all their problems resolved usually it was an issue with their wiring harness and how it connects inside the gauge but that being said I’d be a lot more willing to gx1n with a 65 dollar gauge that could turn out good, compared to shelling out bones for a gauge that has reliability issues.


BB code is On. Koso water temperature sensor adaptor for the range of Koso gauges with a water temperature display, designed to be fitted inline within one of the water hoses.

KOSO RX1N Motorcycle instrument 14000RMP LCD Digital Speedometer tachometer

Complete with speedo sensor, universal bracket and with a detailed english manual Fitting Amnual. Password Please enter a password for your user account. If the mounts are the same as a koso then its really easy. It is very simple manul slim, designed as a bar tachometer with E-mark homologation! No one else has an opinion on this unit? It has a blue backlight that makes it very easy to read at night even at high speed.

I think it has just about all the same features plus it has gear indicator as well: Spark plug gap Before installing a spark plug, the spark plug gap should be measured with a wire thickness gauge and, if necessary, manuaal to specification. Build with advance technology that allows you to see the display from almost any angle, this D1-OLED meter is the perfect item for your unique custom bike.

If this turns out to be decent quality, I’d buy one for sure.

This instrument also features a gear indicator and shift light which will allow you to shift in the perfect gear. Cover the muffler outlets with plastic bags to prevent moisture from entering them. Well, I got the RX2N replica and it didn’t work. The integrated indicator lights does provide all the necessary information for any street use. Speed, odometer, trip mznual, RPM, temperature, volt, fuel level, and a lot more!

KOSO RX-1N Replica 🙂 – Wrist Twisters

Will also fit nicely on a streetfighter, sport bikes and atv’s. Looking at the wiring on this one, what do you guys think? I will create a new post since what I got is a RX-2N replica.


This instrument features many different functions such as speed, odometer, tripmeter, RPM, shift light, temperature, indicator lights and many other cool functions. It calculates over 60 signal points and analyzes a precise measurement of the speed.

You may be able to take the gauge apart to see where the wire connects to the board inside and then trace the line route to see where it routes to. The 10 rpm and 20 rpm version gives the opportunity to better choose the right RPM scale for your bike. Avoid this question by using our gear indicator.

If this document matches the user guide, instructions manual or user manual, feature sets, schematics you are looking for, download it now. Speed, odometer, trip meter, RPM, inner battery level, temperature, hour meter and more. Am I understanding correct about connecting the 5V wire to harness and not hooking up the 18 speed wire?

In addition, the oil must be changed and the oil filter cartridge replaced at the intervals specified in the periodic maintenance and lubrication chart. And then ignore 18? Please read this Koso installation manual thouroughly before ordering. This instrument features many different functions such as speed odometer, tripmeter, RPM, shift light, temperature, indicator lights and many other cool functions.

Please note this is a tiny head unit approx 1″ x 2″ and a control box.