In order to apply for a HAMP loan modification, you will need to complete a Request for Modification Assistance (RMA) form with supporting. Under HAMP, the Treasury (pictured above) provides capped for modification and affidavit (RMA) form; the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). On March 30, HAMP released Updated RMA Form Now Available. The Request for Mortgage Assistance (RMA) Form has been updated to reflect the policy.

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Department of Housing and Urban Development. Reap the Full Benefits https: Since I will be resubmitting within the next couple weeks, and my balances will be clearly visible within my 3 months of bank statements.

I am not quite sure the exact terms, but this is why all of these banks were doing what they did with the modifications.

What is a Hardship Affidavit? A Question we get about HAMP

The only reason that documents became “expired” was because they dragged their feet in the process out beyond the hwmp days. When I start again, I just want to know, if this “refreshing request” is legit and if I must comply. As long as they are reviewing you for a modification, they cannot foreclose until a decision is made. I understand and consent to the disclosure of my personal information and the terms of any Making Home Affordable Agreement by Servicer to a the U.

NW, Washington, DC LOL Rememeber, the mod is suppose to be for struggling homeowners. If you are concerned about posting information online and would like to directly contact someone please feel free to reach us at Contact A Housing Counselor.

Thread starter finalchapter Start date Mar 6, I always looked at it as the ball is rmq their court until you receive your TPP. I was part of the IFR process and the settlement. Keep in mind that these reps are keeping track of upwards of files each and that is not an easy task.


SPS dragging their feet and jerking me around by continually asking for “updated”documents.

is 90 day document expiration real in a HAMP RMA process? | LoanSafe’s Mortgage & Real Estate Forum

You are not required to disclose Child Support, Alimony or Separation Maintenance income, unless you choose to have it considered by your servicer. It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Connect Stay connected through our social networks for info and resources. Resources for Press Find relevant information including recent news, program performance reports, and other resources specifically for the press in one convenient location.

That’s why I saved my money under my mattress. What is a T and how is it different than a T-EZ? The entire HAMP Loan Modification process can take many months so remember to be patient as there are an estimate 12 Million people that will be affected by foreclosures in Find relevant information including recent news, program performance reports, and other resources specifically for the press in one convenient location. Avoid Scams Know the warning signs to protect yourself, your money, and your home.

In action but what does it mean to your and your homeowners. Thanks so much LO.

What is a Hardship Affidavit? A Question we get about HAMP – Mortgage Lender Report

If I ever received a letter, it was a form letter that listed every component of the RMA and was meaningless. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Even those in the industry find that they are not exactly sure what it is for. I hate to have to resubmit the entire RMA because they will not acknowledge that I did send the updated bank statements. That is why I asked about the 90 day limit.

When that didn’t work, they denied me because they said I did not send in my award letter from SSI, never gave them no reason to think that I was collecting SSI. Thousands of Short Sales saved from Buyers dropping their offers! I posted the information in regards to reserves in one of your other threads.


Any potential misrepresentation will be referred to the appropriate law enforcement authority for investigation and prosecution. I know I did not have to resubmit during the TPP. I almost think this tactic is deliberate. Once it passed that stage it moves on for the “analysis” and mod decision and I was told from that point through TPP no further “refreshing” is required.

In most cases it really only advises you to be truthful as it could come back to bite you:. My hhamp reserves, including all liquid assets, are insufficient hapm maintain my current mortgage payment and cover basic living expenses at the same time. I had been told, but the SPS relationship managers that once the RMA package is “stamped” complete, I will have to continue to supplement it and refresh it as needed.

Having insider knowledge of that very system we know that these letters are crucial in the application process. I am having difficulty making my monthly payment because gma financial difficulties created by then there are boxes you check if they apply.

Help is Here https: Submit a Comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. If the 90 namp limit isn’t a US government requirement for HAMP, then I will just appeal the denial and provide evidence that I submitted the bank statements on time. If they say resubmit, should I start over or argue my case.