The Halls of Amenti The Great White Lodge also goes by the names The Great White Brotherhood & The Brotherhood of Light. The Great White. Today marks the opening of another powerful fifth dimensional portal here on Earth. These events happen continuously with varying degrees of. Halls of Amenti is a one-song EP by Cephalic Carnage released by Willowtip Records. The song is 19 minutes in length. It is an experimental song done in a.

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Sharing your thoughts and reflection with people who stand on your level or even higher are the most important things to do in life. Politics and Social Issues.

At the fall of Atlantis, Anubis took the role of guarding the information that we had accumulated and has kept it safe until we needed it. This, my children, your purpose in being; transmutation of darkness to light.

What our senses perceive is converted into signals, which is interpreted by our brain as to be real. Duality, arrogance, jealousy and darkness exist only by the grace of ignorance. As Above So Below. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life.

Events that Changed the World.


~HALLS OF AMENTI PORTAL – Sirian High Council~

Any by whom is it guarded? The Halls of Amenti, the ultimate hall of mirrors, is the realm of the great illusion that is only passable by knowledge and wisdom. It is not to be someone else’s slave. As above, so below. And that might be very hard to understand. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book.

Pure Reason including intuition are the highest qualities three highest chakras. Uncounted millions leaped they before me, some flaming forth as flowers of fire. When we solely rely on our senses, we are not able to understand the truth. The Halls of Amenti are between the highest and lowest dimensions, distorting the only Truth that exists in the Universe.

Go, as yet will. Plato understood what it was. These Souls will be cast into the abyss.

Halls of Amenti Initiation – Crystalinks

It answers some of my most important inquiries. Thank you for your article! The History of Thoth, The Atlantean.

The Omega Point is the only true reality, all lower dimensions are illusions. Gallons of water implode by themselves in my house. Emerald Tablet 2 is about amsnti Halls of Amenti. Living a tranquil, self-exploratory life helps. Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data.

For within the informational encodings, and within the books of life, lay the key to the portal of eternal bliss, lays a key to the portal of eternal bliss and understanding thereof.


Because we are incessantly conditioned in that way, are we unable to unlock the Universal Secrets. I am available for seminars, lectures, sound- light healing sessions, life coaching, concerts and more…. Key 15 — http: From Source to Projection and What is in Between.

Reason and Wisdom provide the way out of the rabbit hole. Hear and obey the words that I give. The essence of the Human Soul is divine, made in God’s image, but tragically have most people no idea what they really are.

Thank you Thank you Amdnti you Thank you.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. First I shall speak of the fetters of darkness which bind ye in chains to the sphere of the Ov. Center thy being on the goal of thy longing. So please release this guilt that you are carrying around with you from your past lives and focus on the soul purpose that you have discovered and manifest it in this reality.