Skala Barthel, Skala Lawtona (IADL), Skrócony Test Sprawności Umysłowej wg. Hodkinsona (AMTS), Geriatryczna Skala Oceny Depresji (GDS) oraz autorskim. Tego typu sytuacja stanowi trudny do zweryfi kowania, nawet przy użyciu metod samoopisowych do oceny depresji, takich jak BDI i Geriatryczna Skala Oceny. B. Bristolska skala uformowania stolca. G. Geriatryczna Skala Depresji · Glasgow Meningococcal Septicemia Prognostic Score P. Pediatryczna skala Glasgow.

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MedycynaNauki o kulturze fizycznej. According to the World Health Organization, cerebral stroke constitutes the third largest cause of death just after heart disease and cancer. It is estimated that every year 4.

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It has been observed that the effectiveness of physiotherapy in patients geriatrydzna a stroke depends on biological factors but also on their socio-economic condition. The goal of this dissertation is to analyze the role of socio-demographic factors in the process of physiotherapy for patients after a cerebral stroke.

The research group consisted of patients after cerebral stroke. All the patients participated in the systematic physiotherapy, which is a standard procedure at the neurological rehabilitation ward, where they had a defined schedule of frequency and time of rehab.

A full research cycle lasted for three weeks for every patient. The following methods were used in the research: Socio-demographic factors, marital status, professional activity, and kind of geriagryczna, also have an impact on the low effectiveness of the conducted physiotherapy. Comprehensive rehabilitation of neurological patients after the cerebral stroke, taking into account socio-demographic factors is essential to achieve high effectiveness of physiotherapy.

W pierwszym dniu pobytu pacjenta na oddziale rehabilitacji neurologicznej oraz po trzech tygodniach prowadzonego usprawniania. Epidemiology of cerebral stroke in Poland. Neuro Neurochir Ocrny6: Stroke – risk factors for stroke.


Post Farmak How common are the “common” Neurologic Disorders. Variations in stroke incidence and survival in 3 areas of Europe. Stroke31 9: Jagiellonian University, Cracow,pp. Stroke incidence and prevalence In Europe: Europ J Neurol13 6: Overview Epidemiol Treatment and secondary prevention of stroke: Now drug in82 1: The impact on the progress of rehabilitation in patients after stroke.

Post Reh 2: Demographic forecasts for the Polish population of the elderly. Psychogeriatr Pol3 1: Influence of selected factors on the effects of rehabilitation in patients after stroke.

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Reh Med11 3: The geriatryczn of selected sociodemographic and clinical factors on the degree of disability of patients hospitalized for stroke. Overview Med Univ Reich in2: Management patterns and costs of acute ischemic stroke: For the Stroke Economic Analisys Group. A Review on sex differences in stroke treatment and outcome. Act Neurol Scand Evaluation of the quality of life of patients deprwsji ischemic stroke according to gender and age.

Overview Lek62 ooceny Influence of selected factors on the quality of life and functional status of stroke patients. Overview Med Univ Reich depresui, 4: Does gender affect the course of a stroke? Neurol Neurochir Pol b, A 2-years follow-up study of stroke patients is Sweden, Stroke, ; Hypertension and stroke-to-date data.

Arterial Hypertension4 4: Flis D, Bejer A. Influence of selected demographic and clinical factors for progress in the re-education of balance and gait of stroke. Post Reh 4: What prognostic factors correlate with activities of daily living Barthel Index 1 year after para-articular hip fracture?

Social issues in the rehabilitation of younger stroke patients. Arch Phys Med Rehabil Habot progressing stroke with neurological deterioration in a group of elderly Izraeli.


Arch Gerontol Geriatr Functional Recovery Following rehabilitation after hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke. Arch Phys Med Rehabil84 7: Standing balance and functional recovery of patients with right and left hemiparesis in the early stages of rehabilitation. Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair17 4: Influence of side hemiparesis on the results of rehabilitation of patients after stroke. Post Rehabil13 1: Rehabilitation of stroke patients -clinical profiles and functional outcome.

Am J Phys Med Rehabil80 4: Bernhardt J, Dewey H.

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Thrift A, Donnan G. Jaracz K, Kozubski W. Quality of life after stroke patients.

Acta Neurol Scand Early rehabilitation and prevention of complications after a stroke. Early rehabilitation of patients after ischemic stroke. The influence of selected socio-demographic factors on the quality of life of patients after stroke.

Overview Med Univ Reich in1: Health-related quality of life among Danish patients 3 and 12 month after TIA or mild stroke. Scand J Caring Sci24 2: Indicators for return to geriatrjczna after stroke and the Importance of work for subjective well-being and life satisfaction. Reh J Med Risk factors for post-stroke depression. Stroke10 2: Overview Med Univ Reich2: In-hospital referral source and rehabilitation outcome of elderly stroke delresji.

Aging Milan, 13 6: Cognitive impairment and depressive symptoms and functional status of elderly stroke. Post Reh, 4: J Neurol Ooceny ,