Common Gallinule · Gallinula galeata · (Lichtenstein, MHK, ). Order: GRUIFORMES. Family: Rallidae (Rails, Crakes and Coots). Genus: Gallinula. Species. Recording data. Recordist. Bernabe Lopez-Lanus. Date, Time? Latitude, Not specified. Longitude, Not specified. Location, Rio Carapari. Gallinula galeata galeata: Venezuela, Trinidad, and the Guianas south to northern Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil; Gallinula galeata cachinnans: SE Canada to.

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Average egg size is Search Avibase search Browse by families.

Galinule d’Amérique–American Moorhen(Gallinula galeata)

Found in the Antillesexcept Trinidad and Barbados ; also found in south Florida. Uses authors parameter CS1 maint: Breeding may occur throughout the year, peaking from March to August; it is affected by water levels and vegetation growth. The Birds of the Hawaiian Islands: Barbados common gallinule G.

The gallinules are secretive birds, spending much time in dense wetland vegetation.

Gallinula galeata (Common Gallinule) – Avibase

They are opportunistic feeders, consuming galliunla variety of plant material such as algaegrass and seeds and invertebrates including molluscs and aquatic insects. Barbados Gallinula galeata pauxilla: Seven subspecies are today considered valid; others have been described that are now considered junior synonyms.


Skip to main content. Once found on most of the main islands of the Hawaiian archipelago, it has undergone a major population and range decline and is now a resident breeder only on Kaua’i and O’ahu.

Movements In North America most of E population migratory, moving to winter quarters along coast and S to Galliunla, Flukes and Cuckoos. It has a wide range of gargling calls and will emit loud hisses when threatened.

Hawaiian gallinule

Causes of the decline were mainly loss of habitat, hunting and predation by introduced animals, with numbers subsequently stabilised at a low level through legal protection and conservation management. Greater and Lesser Antilles Gallinula galeata barbadensis: Stotz, Kevin Winker galeatq Views Read Edit View history.

The common gallinule will fight to defend its territory. Login or Subscribe to get access to a lot of extra features! Polla negra Spanish Uruguay: Found in the Andes from Peru to northwest Argentina.

Hawaiians also believed that hearing the cry of the bird at night was an unlucky omenforetelling death. Crex galeata Avibase ID: University of Hawaii Press. About 8 eggs are usually laid per female early in the season; a brood later in the year usually has only 5—8 or even fewer eggs. Gallinula galeata sandvicensis Streets, Subspecies and Distribution G.


These fledge after 40—50 days, become independent usually a few weeks thereafter, and may raise their first brood the next spring. Contribute to Avibase Acknowledgements Flickr group Media stats Flickr group galinula Media wanted Translate Avibase is also available in the following languages: Populations in areas where the waters freeze, such as southern Canada and the northern USAwill migrate to more temperate climes.

MyAvibase allows you to create and manage your own lifelists, and produce useful reports to help you plan your next birding excursion. Has a large frontal shield; the tarsus is reddish-orange galllinula front. Although split accepted galeaga and elsewhere R and supported by molecular evidence Rthe constancy of both vocalizations and morphological characters within each species requires verification.

Avibase is also available in the following languages: Show Details Hide Details. The birds forage in and near dense wetland vegetation.