These 10 quotes from Firaq Gorakhpuri’s poems will make you fall in love with Urdu poetry all over again. Read our collection of Firaq Gorakhpuri Poetry, ghazlas and nazams. Read, submit and share our great collection of shayari. Firaq Gorakhpuri was a great poet. Firaq Gorakhpuri is a well known Urdu poet who has always written some Here are some of his popular shayari that will rekindle the deepest.

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Firaq Gorakhpuri Poetry, Ghazlas, Shayari

Muskan Gorakhpurl 01 Oct, Aaye the haste khelte maikhane mein ‘firaq’ Jab pi chuke sharab to sanjeeda ho gaye. I’m the hidden debugger, I’m used rarely but I serve great purposes. Living your life with all the difficulties is not. What if they come back? When you wait despite knowing that no one will come. Yeh maana zindagi hai chaar din ki, Bahut hote hain yaaron chaar din bhi.

Kaun ye le raha hai gora,hpuri Asmanon ko neind aati hai. Life is not easy for all. He is observed as one of the most influential language experts of his time and here we bring to you some of his most loved works. Someone is tired of all bullshit in life. These are so beautiful. When there are no hopes but you still hope. It is all about our gestures and how we treat people. These lines will make your day.


Firaq Gorakhpuri Poetry, Ghazlas, Shayari and SMS | Sad

But anything snayari be achieved in this short life you have the zeal and passion to do it. Take a look and don’t forget to share your favourites with us.

Trust comes with time. Gorwkhpuri ka khuda se hoga kaam, Aadmi ko aadmi darkaar hai. It’s just somewhere in between. That one thing which is missing in everyone’s life. Bahut pehle se unn kadmon ki aahat jaan lete hain, Tujhe ae zindagi hum door se pehchaan lete hain. A sly taunt with a pinch of sadness. This happens with most people. Life is too short to waste it.

28 Shayari By Firaq Gorakhpuri That Will Rekindle The Deepest Emotions In You

Next Story We are using your cookies for better user experience We are using your cookies for better user experience. Jo uljhi thi kabhi aadam ke hathon Woh gutthi aaj tak suljha raha hun. Hum se kya ho saka mohabbat mein, Khair tum ne toh bewafaai ki. Hazaar baar zamaana idhar se guzra hai, Nayi nayi si hai kuch teri rahgujar phir bhi. Main hoon, dil hai, tanhaai hai, Tum bhi hote toh accha hota. Betrayal is that one thing which is always hard to accept. Gorakhpuri does gorakhprui to the beauty and simplicity that Urdu language holds via his intricate yet beautiful couplets and shayari.


Ye maana zindagi hai chaar din ki Bahut hote hain yaaron chaar din bhi. Our emotions control us a lot of times. When one by one everyone decides to leave you.

A doer will do things no matter how worse the circumstances are. Gorakjpuri you wish to do something in life, no time is less time. Only if you understand this one. We are using your cookies for better user experience We are using your cookies for better user experience. Ek muddat se teri yaad bhi aayi na humein Aur hum bhul gaye hon tujhe aisa bhi nahin.

Sometimes it is okay to be sad. Tum mukhatib bhi ho kareeb bhi ho, Tum ko dekhein ki tum se baat karein. When shayafi come knocking our doors.

That sort of detoxification is necessary. All we can do is invite them and have a great time. Death is actually an easy thing.