Fortran Tutorial for Beginners – Learn Fortran in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Overview, Environment. Fortran 77 has only one loop construct, called the do-loop. The do-loop corresponds to what is known as a for-loop in other languages. Other loop constructs. The goal of this Fortran tutorial is to give a quick introduction to the most common features of the Fortran 77 and Fortran 90 programming languages. It is not a.

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Policies and guidelines Contact us. Many old Fortran 77 programs uses these implicit rules, but you should not! In our example, each record contains a number either integer or real. Now assume you want to use the matrix A in some subroutines. This uses a set of default rules for how to input and output values of different types integers, reals, characters, etc.

You may wish to mix case, but Fortran is not case-sensitive, so “X” and “x” are the same variable.

Unfortunately, these are difficult to learn since they have an old-fashioned line-oriented user interface. A subprogram is tuhorial small piece of code that solves a well defined subproblem.

The probability of errors in your program grows dramatically if you do not consistently declare your variables. Many details have been omitted.

Typically, all arrays are declared and dimensioned in the main program and then passed on to the subprograms as needed. You use the -l option to link it together with your main program, e. First of all you should check if you already have BLAS on your system. Logical variables are seldom used in Fortran.


It is possible to declare local arrays in Fortran subprograms, but this feature is rarely used. Next we want to write a subroutine for matrix-vector multiplication.

Fortran Tutorial

The BLAS routines are almost self-explanatory. Today one can use special debuggers which is a convenient tool.

By convention, a Fortran version is denoted by the last two digits of the year the standard was proposed. This is one of the main advantages of BLAS: Fortran programming language Subject: The tutorial was transferred to mediawiki format by Houraa Daher. A small example should show the difference:. There are 6 types of constants, corresponding to the 6 data types.

Note that we have declared ‘r’ to be ‘real’ just as we would a variable. A common bug in Fortran is that the program tries to access array elements that are out of bounds or undefined. In other languages Add links. Common blocks can include arrays, too. Then you have to include the same declarations in all these subroutines, e.

Fortran 77 Tutorial

So in the example above, pi and x could be either of type real or double precision. A data file consists of records according to traditional Fortran terminology.

Syntax errors are easy to find. If possible, floating point and integer statements can be mixed together so that the processor can tuorial a mixture of floating point and integer instructions to keep the different execution units in each pipeline busy.

Fortran 77 Tutorial – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Fortran subprogram calls are based on call by reference. The problem is when you have run-time errors. This raises the question of precedence: Matrices are very important in linear algebra. Often the leading dimension lda is different from the actual dimension m, and great care must be taken to handle this correctly. Unfortunately it is necessary to use goto in some loops since while is not standard Fortran.


The address of element i,j is then given by. Netlib contains high-quality software that has been extensively tested, but as all free software it comes with no warranty and little if any support. Avoid unnecessary “reshaping” of matrices. Some of the most common are:. Annoyingly, another deficiency in the wiki framework is the requirement to tack a closing element tag on to the end of the element content for elements such as pre or code to prevent an additional blank line being added to the output box.

An important part of any programming language are the conditional statements. This means that the calling parameters are not copied to the called subprogram, but rather that the addresses of the parameters variables are passed.

Most computational problems in engineering can be broken down into well-known types of calculations, e. Hence BLAS provides a simple and portable way to achieve high performance for calculations involving linear algebra.

Fortran Tutorial

If you should ever encounter a Fortran 77 compiler that insists on upper case it is usually easy to convert the source code to all upper case. The original source of the tutoroal is here http: The compiler would check the types and use the correct version of cos real or double precision.

Ask your tutorrial and colleagues. Most Fortran programs handling linear algebra use this notation and it makes it a lot easier to read the code!