Enhanced Terminal Voice Switch. The Enhanced Terminal Voice Switch (ETVS) contains centralized communications. switching equipment (central switch). Shop our inventory for ENHANCED TERMINAL VOICE SYSTEM ETVS RE by U.S. Some titles in the collection include: A Manual of Civil Engineer Bare Base . Fill Enhanced Terminal Voice Switch Manual, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax Related Content – enhanced terminal voice switching system etvs.

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Describes installation and testing procedures.

The ETVS will require up to three weeks for installation. The FAALC will also maintain the baseline system, prepare releases of software updates, distribute them to the field, and respond to trouble reports. A Management Information System MIS will provide supervisors with routine administrative and personnel data position utilization, training, and supervision.

Navy Training System Plan

First quarter FY00 Skill identifier. Ready For Operational Use Schedule. Pubic Law42 U. Sign In Sign Out. The System Administration courseware will build on the training provided in the Operation module and will incorporate generic Supervisor Control Terminal SCT software and map sets to replicate typical system responses and visual displays the student would normally observe at a supervisor’s console.

The ETVS training program consists of:. Communications Traffic Data CTD and system event collection and reporting will provide a summary of communications utilization, and more detailed position activity information, to both maual and maintenance personnel. New Features, Configurations, or Material. The maintenance concept is two level, organizational to depot. Components include card cages; fuse panels, power, operator, and radio distribution panels; power supplies; reserve manyal a maintenance position; and duplex convenience outlets.


ETVS will not require additional operator or maintainer billets.

Denro etvs manual dexterity

One or more designated interactive terminals will provide computer-based reconfiguration for single positions or all ETVS positions. The above contractor-developed maintenance course hardcopy and software was provided by Denro, Inc. Time Required to Install at Operational Sites. To ensure sustainability, a coordinated centrally directed approach to maintenance of operational, support, and diagnostic programs is necessary.

The TED is software-controlled to display position call activity and selection. Supervisory features of the ETVS include the capability for the supervisor position to record from various operating positions onto ETVS cassette tape recorders, located at the supervisor position, for controller training.

One or more of the following: Remove and replace faulty LRUs. ETVS automatically detects and localizes faults to the Line Replaceable Unit LRU level and reports results to the maintenance position, supervisory position, any remote maintenance terminals, and the maintenance logging function. Corrective Maintenance CM includes on-equipment and off-equipment maintenance actions.

Many air stations include operational sites that do not have permanently assigned maintenance personnel.


Enhanced Terminal Voice Switch

Install, operate, and maintain the equipment per the technical instruction book. These existing systems are essentially electronic key systems and do not contain any processor-managed components or software.

Software support for operational and training activities will be provided by the FAALC and will include correction and resolution of site unique problems and development, control, and maintenance of modifications.

As designated by the USN requirement, each interface shall nanual. Each frequency interface will support one of the following, based on airport requirements.

Enhanced Terminal Voice System/Emergency Communications System Procurement

Radio, Intercom, and Telephone Links. Configuration changes executed by the student in the capacity of system administrator will result in expected changes to the designated operator position s.


Alarms will be installed within cable feet of the central equipment. The FAA National Airspace System and its subsystems are highly dependent on the sustained operation of their automation programs. The equipment room consists of cabinet and frame construction.