Beukers, E. Erfgoedbalans archeologie, monumenten en cultuurlandschap in Nederland. Amersfoort: Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands. a: De Boer et al. (eds.): Erfgoedbalans Archeologie, monumenten en cultuurlandschap in Ned January The Heritage Review describes. This booklet contains information about recognizing and handling unexpected archaeological finds at sea or on inland waterways. This booklet explains what.

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Welcome to Antiquity’s Books received page. Every quarter we list here the books sent to us by publishers in the preceding quarter, organised by reviewers and subjects. The books are linked to Oxbow Books’ secure website where they can be purchased.

A small percentage of the purchase price of each book will go to Antiquity. Review articles Reviewed by Robert E. Human ecology of Beringia.

Archaeology in Northeast Asia: The archaeology of measurement: Introduction, catalogues and specialist reports. Hunting in Britain from the Ice Age to the present. Social brain, distributed mind. Autour de la Table: Reviewed by Nam C. Reviewed by Elizabeth Moore C. The origins of the civilization of Angkor, volume 3. The excavations of Ban Non Wat: Archaeology and international development in Africa.

Ancestral Maya economies in archaeological perspective. Reviewed by Alice V. Rethinking Puerto Rican precolonial history. Reviewed by Andrew R. Reviewed by Michael J. Describing and interpreting the past: European and American approaches to the written record of the excavation.


University of Bucharest; paperback New Lei Standards of archaeological excavation: Second edition first published in by UCL Press. Archeologie, monumenten en cultuurlandschap in Nederland. Prehistoric communities and collections in Hungary Erfgodbalans Hungaricum 2.

Reprint first published in by Academic Press.

Antiquity Publications Ltd

National Roads Authority; paperback. Digging up a past. Back to Top Books received The list includes all books received between 1 December and 1 March Those featuring at the beginning of New Book Chronicle have, however, not been duplicated in this list. The listing of a book in this chronicle does not preclude its subsequent review in Antiquity. Human evolution and the origin of hierarchies: Climate crises in human history. American Philosophical Society; paperback.

Making sense of things: History and the testimony of language. Contesting human remains in museum collections: The Palaeolithic origins of human burial. An archaeology of materials: Megalithic research in the Netherlands, — The Novinki burial grounds of the Fatyanovo culture. Institute of Archaeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences; hardback in Russian with English chapter summaries. National Archaeological Institute and Museum; paperback.


Antiquity Publications Ltd [WorldCat Identities]

Cultural identity in the Ancient Mediterranean. Regional pathways to complexity: Amsterdam University Press; hardback. The polychrome grave stelai from 2090 Early Hellenistic necropolis Chersonesan Studies 1. Ancient nets and fishing gear: A companion to Erfoedbalans Macedonia. A companion to families in the Greek and Roman worlds. The genesis of science: Roman colonies in the first century of their foundation. The prehistory of Asia Minor: Controlling the past, owning the future: A History of Ancient Egypt.


A companion to Ancient Egypt. The archaeology of Fazzan. Daniels Society for Libyan Studies Monograph 8. Pastoralists, warriors and colonists: How chiefs became kings: The first North Americans: The Swift Creek gift: University of Alabama Press; paperback. Hillforts of erfgoedbalaans ancient Andes: Colla warfare, society, and landscape. Roman mosaics of Britain. The planning of Roman roads and walls in northern Britain. Studies in erfvoedbalans archaeology of the medieval Mediterranean The Medieval Mediterranean Bobbio in the Early Middle Ages: Calendars and years II: Ritual, belief and the dead in Early Modern Britain and Ireland.

The complete world of the Dead Sea scrolls. Rock art topographical survey in Egypt’s Eastern Desert: