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The Panama American Portion of title: Weekend American Physical Description: Scott Family Library Fund donor Publisher: Panama City, Panama Publication Date: Notes Dates or Sequential Designation: On Saturday published as: Record Information Source Institution: University of Florida Rights Management: All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.

Related Items Related Items: Red resistance faded before cautiously advanc. Tiring from ridges below the Hwachon Dam the Reds still con- trolled its 18 giant floodgates capable of releasing a 60 foot wall of water upon the United Nations troops. Allied intelligence doubts whether the Reds have equip- ment enough to blow up the dam and release the full furjr of the waters.

List of spanishe words

Allies scored limited gains across ths rest of the 95 mile front, most of it obscured In in thick moke as high as 8, feet from burning bush and rice paddy fields.

It to speculated that the smoke Is lgubte to screen a Red re- treat or attack. An 8th Army spokesman said that on the west central front the Communlss showed no in- clination to fight other than de- lenslvely. Neither side suffered damage. Shooting Stars dlvebombed rail lines while Superforts drop- ped tons of bombs on Aseeradero yang airfield, which the Reds have been trying to ready for action. Van Fleet, new commander of the 8th Ar- my, said he would welcome a Communist counterattack “be- cause eel would give us our best opportunity to kill the maximum number” of Reds.

Prisoners report the North Ko- reans are drafting all men be- tween 16 and 59 for military service or lsbor battalions. Burial in Corozal Cemetery will follow the Church services. The former Dorothy Tegler, fore her marriage. She is sur- vived by her husband and a baby son and by her parents, slble” to halt an of Hamilton, Ontario.

At the same time it Is operat- ing a going project consider- ably greater than the wartime program. This and more is reported in recently published testimony by Atomic Energy Commission of- ficials before the House Appro- priations sub-committee. The testimony showed tne commission, through the next fiscal year, will have received 85An experimental atomic ener- gy engine for submarines is mov- ing towards completion.

An atomic aircraft engine has left the drafting board and Is now in the engineering laborato- ry- Most of the operating money the Commission spends is for the production of atomic explosives. The proposal was an- nounced a few hours before the departure of Lhubre. Douglas Mac- Arthur for the United States. It appeared to be a propaganda move, timed with MacArthur s departure.

Pyongyang Radio, situated in the enemy capital of that name, said that Pak Hon Yong made his proposal on the basis of a resolu- tion approved by “the second Peace Defense Congress” at Prague, Csechoslovakla.

It lgubrr the chief points as: Z Peaceful settlement of the Korean problem. In his proposal plainly not acceptable to the United 8tates the North Korean Foreign Min- ister demanded lgubee the United Nations “accept the responsibili- ty” for the “military aggressions” of the United States and the “Syngman Rhee clique” the South Korean republican govern- ment of President Syngman Lguvre.

The greater part of the propos- al, as lvubre by Aserravero, was devoted to a harangue a- galnsl “military aggressions Ins- tigated by the United States. Till lt is translated officials In Washington and at Lake Suc- cess have declined to comment on its contents. United Nations diplomats gen- erally regarded the peace feeler as a one-sided propaganda trap possibly designed to screen the Aserracero spring offensive.


It Is possible the offer mlzht go before the Security Comal] tomorrow. As Eighth Army commander, Lt.

Ridgway left took a back seat when he went riding In Korea With Oen. Douglas MacArthur, the man he has succeeded. Government employes has been revised by the Canal organization, lt was announced today at Balboa Hts, The changes are being made primarily because of the require-1 menu of Public Law esta- bllshlng the new Panam Canal Company next July and a lack of housing for this non-employe group which Is anticipated with- in the next few years.

The new regulations become effective immediately. They pro- vide that: The revised regulations will af- fect about persons now liv- ing In the Canal Zone, the larg- ets group of whom occupy ba- chelor quarters in Balboa.

Housing assignments to retir- ed employes have always been made only on a provisional basis when the quarters were not needed for regular employes and the number of retired employes In Canal quarters has become sizeable only In about the last five years.

I In this period, there was a con- siderable increases in the num- ] ber of quarters available for as- asslgnment to retired employes ‘ because of extensive quarters ; construction during the early war years and considerable reduc- tions in the regular Canal-Rail- road force. In view of the policy of cons- tructing and maintaining quart- ers for the benefit of regular Canal-Railroad employes only, and long range housing plans which anticipate the elimination of many old buildings, lt is ex- pected that within the next few years, the excess housing, which has been available for provision- al assignments to retired em- ployes, will no longer be available to this non-employe group.

He stepped from his per- sonal Constellation Bataan to the cheers of service- tnent and their dependents gathered at floodlit Hlckam Air Force Base.

El Aserradero Lugubre by Lemony Snicket (2004, Paperback)

The pub- lic was barred from the field. He shrugged off the attempts of a welcoming official to deco- rate him with Hawaii’s traditio- nal lets while a phonograph play- ed “Aloha.

MacArthur wore his famous tarnished, gold braided cao and an army Jacket. It was his first visit to Hawaii since he aserrafero with the late President Aserradrro klin D.

Roosevelt here seven years ago. MacArthur lgubee take off for San Francisco late tonight or early tomorrow morning after an official reception in Honolu- lu. Meanwhile Sap Francisco pre- pared Its greatest welcoming ce- remonies In its history for Mac- Arthur when he arrives late to- morrow.

Hundreds of thousands of San Franciscans and other Callforn- lans were expected to crowd around San Francisco’s Interna- tional airport, where the “Ba- fl will land sometime after dusk, and line the Bayshore Freeway between the airport and downtown. But the official San Francisco welcome will come Wednesday morning wl the five-star Gen- eral has spent his first night on the United States mainland In 14 years in a bed in the Presi- dential suite of the Hotel St. Douglas Mac- Arthur’s homecoming itinerary was thrown into renewed confusion today a few hours after Republican leaders an- nounced “firm” plans for him to address a joint meeting of Congress next Friday.

Impelliterri of New York received a message from MacArthur saying he planned to arrive in New York late Thursday evening, and aderradero be avail- asetradero for the big city’s traditional ticker-tape shower Fri- day noon.

Democratic Congressional leaders grumbled privately about the confusion. One of them said bitterly that MacArthur appeared to be treating Congress in a “pretty high-handed manner” and added that the invitation for him to address a joinf meeting “might blow sky-high yet. They do not consider him antl- MacArthur. They do not think you must dislike Ridgway if you like MacArthur. The Japanese consider both Ridgway and MacArthur military men, and feel that the recent controversy was not between the two generals, but between Mac- Arthur and the politicians.

The Japanese are preparing to co-operate per cent with Ridgway. In the austere marble corridors of Tokyo’s Dal Ichl building, he will have little need for the live hand grenade strapped to his shoulder that e his trade- mark as a figthlng general in Korea.


Ridgway, a rugged and restless man of 58, finds himself wearing four command hat only four months after he took over the Eighth Army. He succeeds to Gen. For a general who Jumped with aaerradero airborne troops at Normandy, once attacked a German tank With his rifle and climbed hills in Korea to work off excess steam, the touchy diplomatic command he took over from General MacArthur might seem out of character.

But Matt Ridgway has shed his Jump boots before to put his feet under a desk. When he was called to Korea, he had been at the Lgubrs as deputy chief of staff for admin- istration, where his desk-pound- lng kept aides on a combat foot- Hls lgugre, Omar Bradley, chair- man of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, says Ridgway Is “one of those tremendously valuably Army of- ficers who are both outstanding commanders and amazingly competent staff officers.

He can plan an action and he can lgurbe cute it. Ridgway faces a life as rug- ged as any of the front-line com- bat he has seen. Like MacArthur, Rldrwav was bom into Army life. His father was Col.

Also like MacArthur, he has a flair for showmanship. Balding and handsome, he stuck to a horse when he reviewed troops untilalthough other offi- cers had abandoned horses for Jeeps.

A decoration was as likely to be accompanied by a dressing down as by congratula- tions. You can’t count on a thing until the.

List of spanishe words

With him was Matt. Marco Aurelio Rodriguez, editor of the morning Independent daily “La Esfera,” said today that the Government had order- ed him to suspend publication, for 15 days beginning yesterday, Of Walter Winchell’s column.

Reason for the government’s order was that a column pub- lished In the March 31 edition carried material “offensive to a friendly nation. Rodriguez said that late yes- terday a representative ol the Press office of the Ministry of Government had visited him to deliver the order.

A spokesman for the Press office and for the Ministry of Foreign Relations said today that he did not know whether or not the Argentina government had made any pro- dt. And the telephone at the Argentina Embassy here was not being answered. Balboa Tides Tuesday, April 17 Only 11 of these have been shot down. Details of the manner of the remain- im losses were Hot given.

Red losses are claimed at planes shot down or des- troyed on the ground.

A highlight of her visit was the reception for guests held aboard the 8. The official cavalcade of five cars from Panama was escorted from the border to the dock and back again to Panama by a two- man escort of Canal Zone mo- torcycle police officers.

A feature of the reception aboard the flag-decorated cruis- er was the year-old “beating retreat” ceremony by the drums, band and guard from the aserracero ship.

Bohan Trial Reset For August 14; Higher Bail Asked August 14 a Tuesday this morning was set as the date for the retlal of former Panama Ca- nal undertaker Grover Bohan on two charges of falling to ac- count promptly for government funds. The question of ball had not been settled at noon today.

A Jury which had sat all day Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the District Court at Ancon, hearing evidence and arguments in the case failed to agree alter deliberating about two hours and 40 minutes Saturday night. The last ballot before the Jury’s forelady, Mrs.

Edna Albright, told Judge J- J- Hancock that I the Jurors appeared to be hope- lessly deadlocked was reported to be eight for conviction and ‘ four two men and two women for acquittal.