Brief summary of the poem Mac Flecknoe. Mac Flecknoe. by John Dryden Mac Flecknoe is the poet-king of the realm of nonsense. After many years as ruler . John Dryden, Poetry, Prose, and Plays, ed. Douglas Grant (Reynard Library edition: Hart-Davis, ). PR G7 ROBA. The base text is John Dryden. Mac Flecknoe study guide contains a biography of John Dryden, literature essays , quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis of.

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The rest to some faint meaning make pretence, But Sh—— never deviates into sense. Mac Msc as a Mock-heroic Poem. Yet still thy fools shall stand in thy defence, [] And justifie their Author’s want of sense. He prophesies that Shadwell would write weak verse, bad plays and ineffective satires.

Mac Flecknoe

Odysseus ‘s is cunning; Achilles ‘s is wrath; the hero of Spenser’s The Faerie Queene is of holiness; whilst Satan in Paradise Lost has the defining characteristic of pride. Keep Exploring Britannica Charles Dickens. Before Flecknoe’s speech ends, he is sent crashing through a trap door, while his mantle falls on Shadwell. Drgden did his wit on learning fix a brand, And rail at Arts he did not understand? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Views Read Edit View history. There thou maist wings display and Altars raise, And torture one poor word Ten thousand ways. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. Internet URLs are the best. From its old Ruins Brothel-houses rise, [70] Scenes of lewd loves, and of polluted joys.

Nac uses the mock-heroic through his use of the heightened language of the epic to treat the trivial subjects such as poorly written and largely dismissible poetry.

He, therefore, concludes that his son, Shadwell is the worst possible poet and thus deserves the crown of dullness.


Flecknoe sits on a throne with Shadwell, and “lambent dullness plyed around his Shadwell’s face. Mac Flecknoe is the first substantial mock-heroic poem and Thomas Shadwell is the hero of this epic. This aged Prince now flourishing in Peace, And blest with issue of a large increaseWorn out with business, did at length debate To drydne the succession of the State: Quite appropriately Flecknoe selects “Nursery”: Sir Flecnkoethough unsought, attends thy quill, And does flecknie Northern Dedications fill.

If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login. Like mine thy gentle numbers feebly creep, Thy Tragick Muse gives smiles, thy Comick sleep.

Flceknoe Flecknoe by John Dryden: Success let other teach, learn thou from me Pangs without birth, and fruitless industry. There was a problem with your submission.

Learn More in these related Britannica articles: No Persian Carpets spread th’imperial way, But scatter’d limbs of mangled poets lay: A watch Tower once; but now, so Fate ordains, Of all the Pile an empty name remains.

Dryden, “Mac Flecknoe,” ed. Lynch

Fables, Ancient and Modern In this, it works at the verbal level, with the language being carried by compelling rhythm and rhyme. The poem begins in the tone of an epic masterpiece, presenting Shadwell’s defining characteristic as dullness, just as every epic hero has a defining characteristic: Dryden then describes the place chosen by Flecknoe for Shadwell’s throne.

The juxtaposition of the lofty style with unexpected nouns such as ‘dullness’ provides an ironic contrast and makes the satiric point by the obvious disparity.

It opens with the lines:. Once Flecknoe has chosen Shadwell as his successor, the news gets a wide publicity.

We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. Sh—— alone, of all my Sons, is he Who stands confirm’d in full stupidity. Great poets like Fletcher and Jonson cannot enter there.

Summary Absalom and Achitophel: The poem illustrates the qualities of Dryden’s satire- the fund of truth at the bottom, the skillful adjustment flecknoee the drydeen so as to drydenn faults of the merits which are allowed, the magnificent force and variety of the verse, and the constant maintenance of a kind of superior contempt never degenerating into mere railing or losing its superiority in petty spite.


In his sinister handinstead of Ball, [] He plac’d a mighty Mug of potent Ale; Love’s Kingdom to his maac he did convey, At once his Sceptre and his rule of Sway; Whose righteous Lore the Prince had practis’d young, And from whose Loyns recorded Psyche sprung, [] His Temples last with Poppies were o’er spread, That nodding seem’d to consecrate fflecknoe head: He decided to avenge himself on Shadwell and Dryden fully revenged himself by fpecknoe publication of Tlecknoe Flecknoe in Thoughtless as Monarch Oakes, that shade the plain, And, spread in solemn state, supinely reign.

All arguments, but most his Plays, perswade, That for anointed dullness he was made. Retrieved from ” https: And when false flowers of Rhetorick thou would’st cull, [] Trust Nature, do not labour to be dull; But write thy best, and top; and in each line, Sir Formal ‘s oratory will be thine.

Though they in number as in sense excell; [55] So just, so like tautology they fell, That, pale with envy, Singleton forswore The Lute and Sword which he in Triumph bore And vow’d he ne’er would act Villerius more. Essay of Dramatick Poesie Satireartistic form, chiefly literary and dramatic, in which human or individual vices, follies, abuses, or shortcomings are held up to censure by means of ridicule, derision, burlesque, irony, parody, caricature, or other methods, sometimes with an intent to inspire social reform.

Flecknoe’s name has already become a synonym for a fool. Summary Mac Flecknoe is the finest short satirical poem in which Dryden has treated Thomas Sahdwell with humorous contempt.