The corpora is a kind of bylaws for the Kingdom, and contains the rules Winds Corpora (Current as of January ); Dragonspine Corpora. wm_corpora_pdf. Kingdom Corpora coming soon. Dragonspine Corpora updated Dragonspine Corpora Amtgard Monster Manual. Dragonspine! As we are now officially into the month of the crown it is once again time to clean the slate for reeves and corpora certified. Per corpora to be.

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If nobody is qualified to run for office, an Althing shall be held to appoint pro-tem officers. A fee may be charged for these publications to cover the cost of their production. Monarch and Regent may both grant Orders of the Dragon. A member must have signed in on at least twelve full-credit regular meeting days during the previous six months in order to vote. Kill 10 people throughout the day 1 spaces 4. Work on something amtgard related for an hour throughout the week.

Before leaving, ensure all trash is picked up and the draglnspine your park is at is clean. Please note, if your shire does not belong to a kingdom, ie. There is an urgent need for the forces of the kingdom. The Champion is corporw third-highest ranking official in the kingdom and is the chief safety officer. Do you know the circle of fates? An order in one kingdom should mean the same in all kingdoms.

Order of the Dragon

Or the flame belt, perhaps. The exceptions include situations in which the Monarch is a candidate in the election, in which case the Prime Minister breaks the tie, or the election is for the Guildmaster of Knights, in which case the knights shall decide how to break the tie.

Changes to the Amtgard Rules of Play only apply in Dragonspine. The Monarch is not required to pay any fees and corrpora considered to be a dues-paid member while in office, and any dues already paid by the Monarch shall resume after the Monarch dragondpine offices.


If a temporary ruling is issued, an Althing must immediately be scheduled. In the Golden Plains, you need every award. If more than one vote is submitted from the same person, then all votes from that person are null and void. Write-in corpoda are not permitted.

The Champion shall inspect all field equipment in use in the kingdom on a monthly basis.

Join Amtgard!

Participate in a tournament 1 space 6. Order of the Dragon.

Recharge 5 abilities 1 space 3. Changes to the Corpora shall be published in the newsletter, included in the Corpora as Amendments, and made available to all members. The Weaponmaster Tournament shall be conducted by the Guildmaster of Reeves.

Only dues-paid members may vote in an election. The Champion shall maintain a supply of loaner weapons for use by new members. These tests must be taken at or after the most recent Crown Qualifications.

The Monarch may bestow any order, masterhood, title, or knighthood to any member of the Kingdom of Dragonspine or its sponsored chapters. Candidates in any election for a kingdom office or the Board of Directors must declare their intent to run publicly and to the managing election officer at least two weeks prior dragonspone the election. All candidates for office may appoint a representative to witness the counting of the votes. The Monarch shall preside over and call all Althings.

Changing of the Amtgard Rules of Play requires a two-thirds vote of the Althing. The Prime Minister must have regular and reliable access to a computer and the Internet.

Having earned that, you could go to Dragonspine, and if dragonapine Master Lion has enough Griffins in it, you could walk away as a Knight of the Sword.

Documents and Links

I might not want it to mean that, and it might not mean that in my kingdom, but because one kingdom does it differently, I no longer have that choice.

And in the Wetlands, a Master Hydra qualifies you for a crown belt! If anyone is willing to take the mission of defending Clouds Edge you might have a chance at earning the enemies powerful artifacts. The exceptions are the Board of Directors, which is presided over by the President of the Board and the Guild of Knights, which is presided over by the Guildmaster of Knights. Should the position of Champion become empty, the Monarch must appoint a dues-paid member as pro-tem Champion for the remainder of the term of office.


Receipts shall be given dragondpine all income and expenditures. The Regent shall ascend to the position of pro-tem Monarch should the position of Monarch become empty. The Monarch presides over all official functions and ceremonies. Each type has a. The Guildmaster of Reeves shall ensure that there are an appropriate number of reeves at any local chapter event and that the conduct of those reeves is competent and fair.

And in the Celestial Kingdom, it earns both! Any kingdom that messes with awards anywhere in Drxgonspine is changing your Corpora. A person may only declare for one of the offices of the Monarchy. In five kingdoms, Master Hydra no longer leads to this award. Monarch, Consort Given for: Amending the Corpora requires a two-thirds vote of the Althing.

Robert Reyes is with Jacob Maley. Corpkra you believe in angels and demons? THE ALTHING The Althing is a public meeting open to all members of the kingdom to i discuss and enact rules changes with a two-thirds vote, ii revise and update the Corpora with a two-thirds vote, iii discuss and vote upon major expenditures of the kingdom treasury, iv discuss and vote on the future of the kingdom, v vote on approving the adoption and promotion of sponsored chapters, vi vote on restoring the membership status of dragonsline terminated member and vii discuss and vote on kingdom policy.

Come one come ALL!!!!!!

If the Monarch cannot attend, the Regent may preside over an Althing with the permission of the Monarch.