O Shams-e Tabrizi, you. Compassionately blend and renew. East and west through and through. And so we say, may it be so. From submission to Satan’s will. “Divan-e Shams is a masterpiece of wisdom and eloquence. It is often said that Rumi had attained the level of a “Perfect Master” and as such. Full text of “Selected Poems from the Divan-e Shams-e Tabrizi” . References to the Tabriz Edition of the Divan are by page and beyt; those to the Preface of that.

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How happy the king that is mated by thy rook!

The favour of that one, who brings glad tidings of thee, Even without thy summons, is sweeter in mine ear than songs. For the last couplet, cf. Latin and French have similar idioms damnum facere and faire une perte.

Vaughan, Hours with the Mystics, Vol. So he wants us all to break out of our conditioning, be it national or be it religious or be it gender based But as no writer can fairly be judged by fragments, however fine, I have endeavoured to make this anthology a true and sufficient reflexion of the whole Divan.

Swallowing the Sun “Timeless and eternal, distilled from the deepest spirit, the poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi is loved the world over. The fish that has known water comes not to land: Look to your hearts!


Apart from the literary merit of the translation, we cannot speak favourably of the work as a whole, though perhaps it fairly represents the level reached by oriental learning in Europe sixty years ago. The garden is bewildered to know which is the leaf, and which the blossom ; The birds are distracted to know which is the snare and which the bait. Read Entire Paper Below: Look to your hearts! There’s no such thing as Islam or Infidels!

Any lover who is not fully aware. Bevan has drawn my hsams Men of five faiths followed his bier. Till Thou namedst culture. A collection of lyric poems that contains more than 40, verses, it is written in the New Persian language and is considered one of the greatest works of Persian literature. He was a treasure of gold in this dust-pit, For he valued the two worlds at a barley-corn.

I have never heard or seen that Barks in his radio interviews and tabrkzi shows refers to cultural roots of Rumi, as if this poet has fallen from the sky and does not belong to any land or culture. Comparative Table of passages quoted from the Masnavl.

Divan-e Shams by Rumi

Don’t look to the first, but to this other thing, to which the spirit of the prophets looks with longing and regret. He had been a scholar–he became a poet. I swear by thy soul that save the sight of thy countenance, All, tho’ ’twere the kingdom of the earth, is fantasy and fable.

But here is no question of takhallus 9forgery, or composition holding up to ridicule the imagined author. The life giving essence is at the core of each entity from elementary particles to the entire Cosmos and from viruses to human beings. What pearl art thou that none possesseth the price of thee? And what is so remarkable and unforgettable about Rumi’s life is that in one moment all this changed-the moment he met a wandering darvish named Shams-e Tabriz.


Both stand here as types of the divine perfection yabrizi the story of Zal, see Shahndrna, Vol. There is no hypocrisy or politesse or interpretation in these words; I am deficient in knowing him!

His conception of their nature derived itself from Hegel’s definition of “mystical,” and this definition, in turn, tabfizi Hegel’s reflection on Rumi’s poetry.

Nicholson Annemarie Schimmel A. See Gulshani Rdz, ā€”3G8. They say that blazing fire is the infidel’s portion: Odi profanum vulgus et arceo. Come, come, for you will not find another friend like me.

Diwan-e Shams-e Tabrizi

No sick man can dispense with that Physician. Familiar with the tongues of our songsters? In thee the soul is dissolved, divqn thee it is mingled; Lo! U Hut for thee, but for thee, I had not created the heavens. I 6 IjJjj-Jā€” the poet puns on the double meaning of Mr j: