Encyclopedia of Jewish and Israeli history, politics and culture, with biographies, statistics, articles and documents on topics from anti-Semitism to Zionism. Der Judenstaat is a pamphlet written by Theodor Herzl and published in February in The Jews’ State – A Critical English Translation (1 ed.). Plymouth. Der Judenstaat (The Jewish State) by Theodor Herzl category, Wikidata item. English-language translations of Der Judenstaat include.

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A forcing of prices egnlish not to be considered, because the value of the land will be created by the Company through its organizing the settlement in conjunction with the supervising Society of Jews. This can best be seen in the case of enclosed pieces of land in town and country.

The duties of the Jewish Company and the Society of Jews cannot be kept strictly apart in this outline. I think that this external pressure makes itself felt everywhere. The non-transferable goods which come under consideration are buildings, land, and local business connections. These I shall now touch upon. For example, in the organizing of the clothing industry, the quantity produced will at first be kept down so as to preserve an equilibrium between supply and demand; and wherever the Company undertakes the organization of new industries the same precaution must be exercised.

The Christian bourgeoisie would not be fnglish to cast us as a sacrifice to Socialism, though that would not greatly improve matters. I say that we cannot hope for a change in the current of feeling. We are not permitted to do so.

The Jewish State by Theodor Herzl

The Jewish question still exists. The attempts to do so in Belgium and England are well known. The first markets will supply only the absolute necessities of life; cattle, grain, working clothes, tools, arms — to mention just a few things. The credit of our great Jewish financiers would have to be placed at the service of the National Idea. The required sum could then be raised in the shortest englsh time among the large financial groups, after they had discussed the advisability of the course.

Some establishments may, of course, be able to obtain their workmen from other sources, if they wish, but judejstaat will not find it easy to do so. Now, there certainly are districts to which desperate Jews go out, or at any rate, are willing to go out juudenstaat till the soil.

The Company will sell building sites at reasonable rates to its officials, and will allow them to mortgage these for the building of their homes, deducting the amount due from their salaries, or putting it down to their account as increased emolument. In this way the transfer will be accomplished with the minimum of pain. Being on the stock exchange, we are consequently exposed afresh to contempt.


For the world’s reformers, who send the Jews to the plough, forget a very important person, who has a great deal to say on the matter. Not only because their withdrawal would be opposed to the spirit of our age, but also because it would immediately drive all Jews, rich and poor alike, into the ranks of subversive parties.

The Society of Jews will, moreover, busy itself from the outset with their training as artisans. The method adopted will prevent the occurrences of crises, secure every man’s property, and facilitate that inner migration of Christian citizens which has already been indicated.

But none of them will present any great difficulties, for in each case the business proprietor, when he voluntarily decides to emigrate, will settle with the Company’s officers in his district on the most advantageous form of liquidation.

Events occurring in countries undiscovered when Europe confined the Jews in Ghettos are known to us in the course of an hour. What assurance will jufenstaat Company offer that the abandonment of countries will not cause their impoverishment and produce economic crises?

We have attained pre-eminence in finance, because mediaeval conditions drove us to it. But we shall give a home to our people. There will be an inner migration of Christian citizens into the positions evacuated by Jews.

How are we to transport masses of Jews without undue compulsion from their present homes to this new country?

Modern Anti-Semitism is not to be confounded with the religious persecution of the Jews of former times. Clothing, linens, and shaes will first of all be manufactured for our own poor emigrants, englishh will be provided with new suits oi clothing at the various European emigration centers.

Any sufficiently numerous travelling party can charter a special train and special boat from the Company. And thus, many an apparent friend of the Jews turns out, on careful inspection, to be nothing more than an Anti-Semite of Jewish origin, disguised as a philanthropist. For we had, curiously enough, developed ddr in the Ghetto into a bourgeois people, and we stepped out of it only to enter into fierce competition with the middle classes.

Organization of industries will be promoted by a judicious system of duties, by the employment of cheap raw material, and by the institution of a board to collect and publish industrial statistics. They will resemble neither those melancholy workmen’s barracks of European towns, nor those miserable rows of shanties which surround factories; they will certainly present a uniform appearance, because the Company must build cheaply where it provides the building materials to a great extent; but the detached houses in little gardens will be united into attractive groups in each locality.


The notion of raising money in this way is not by any means impracticable. The local groups will appoint small committees of representative men under the Rabbi’s presidency, for discussion and settlement of local affairs. Is it not true, that the Jewish middle classes are seriously threatened? The amount actually necessary will be fixed by financiers, and will in any judensstaat be a very considerable sum.

At the same time the struggle to obtain the present form of marriage accentuated distinctions between Jews and Jidenstaat, thus hindering rather than aiding the fusion of races. Independent workers must also be discovered and supplied by the Society’s agency. Are we to “get out” now and where to? The development of this movement may cause a considerable fall in the judentsaat of landed property, and may eventually make it impossible to find a market for it.

The supposed infallible expedient of assimilation has already been dealt with.

The Jewish State Quotes by Theodor Herzl

Further and direct profit will accrue to Governments from the englisj of passengers and goods, and where railways are State property the returns will be immediately recognizable. I cannot imagine this to be pleasant, even for the owners of the mines.

Each will be able to journey in his chosen fashion as soon as he has settled his affairs.

Jew-baiting has merely stripped off our weaklings; the strong among us were invariably true to their race when persecution broke out against them. This objection will dnglish especially brought forward in France. They will harangue the buyers unweariedly;they will stand on their feet, and scarcely think of fatigue. After centuries of various restrictions, hostilities and frequent pogromsthe Jews of Europe have been reduced to living in ghettos.

The jjdenstaat plan is in its essence perfectly simple, as it must necessarily be if it is to come within the comprehension of all. The emigrants standing lowest in the economic scale will be slowly followed by those of a higher grade. There are old customs, old memories that attach us to our homes.