SAP CRM User Interface Overview; UI Concept; Customizing of Business Roles; Navigation Bar Customizing and Transaction Launcher; Architecture; UI. Customers, SAP consultants and project team members who are responsible for The course CR refers to the CRM WebClient User Interface which was. The course CR (SAP CRM User Interface) is introducing this technology to technically interested customer and project team members.

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SAP CRM User Interface

If you need the template designer in a different business role just integrate the related Logical link to your own business role. Go into the details of this component.

It provides a maximum of two levels in navigation. The list of Available Assignment Blocks should crk your extension. If the customer wants to use an other namespace, a BADI can be used. PCUI will not be supported any longer. There are six Layouts defined for Fact Sheets. Choose Most personalization options can be found, intefrace. Navigate to the Children of this object and find out the phone number of Media Store. These style definitions can describe different properties like size, color, font format, alignment or position of an element.


A component is an ABAP class which implements the specific component interface to communicate with the framework. At the top the header area is located.

The information gathered in the following will be explained in detail. This exercises will guide intrface through different configuration steps.

Organizational unit level means all user within the organizational unit use the same Business Role.

The center part of the screen is the work area. In an assignment block form views, tables and hierarchies can be displayed.

SAP CRM User Interface – MBA智库文档

You need to specify the Business Object which is the Genil component and the root object. Higher Level Context Node: Navigation Bar Profile 2.

Based on these events, the controller can decide how to react, for example, by accessing data from the model or triggering the navigation to a different view. A component set contains one or more Genil components.

You have the choice between a single column page layout and a page layout that consists of multiple tiles. To link the search result object to the data model hierarchy the Search Result Object is associated with the root object of the same component. Custom controllers are loaded at the time the context of the controller is used the first time. The number of checked checkboxes referred to the number of displayed drop down list boxes later in rendered layout. If you need additional Work Centers that are not available in the navigation bar interfaec linked to the business role you have to change the navigation bar profile.


Aap entries are available: A controller receives all keyboard and mouse input from the view. The footer area is a non-scrolling area at the bottom of the screen that is only rendered once.

Draft Initial and edit status All kinds of changes are permitted Objects are saved and can be enhanced later on Status: Later on this key has to be assigned to your Business Role. Therefore it is required to extend the existing data model and — as a second step — include the new information on the User Interface.

The Genil Component get enhanced with the logic for the new table A new BO with a new relationship to the root object is created Create a complete new View in the component workbench and include your new BO as context node. Each BO is assigned a unique name.