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Today we will continue our series about Linux bash scripting. I recommend you to review the previous posts if you want to know what we are talking about: Today we will […]. Today we will know how to retrieve input from the user and deal with that input, so our script becomes more interactive. To pass data to your shell script, you should use command line parameters. Here we send 2 parameters 3 and 5 to the script.

So how to read these parameters in our bash script? What if our parameter contains a space and we want to pass it as one value? I guess you know the answer from the previous posts.

The answer is to use quotations. How awesome is Linux bash scripting? This variable also provides a geeky way caggatay get the last parameter.


Look at this trick:.

And the shift command is shifting all passed parameters to the left. The code check for one of the correct options. If you typed one of them, the suitable commands will run.

Sometimes you need to use options and parameters on the same script. You have to separate them. By doing this, you cagwtay telling the bash where are the parameters and where are the options.

c programlama cagatay cebi pdf to excel – PDF Files

The double dash — is used to end the options list. After the shell sees the double dash, the remaining inputs are treated as parameters and not as options. As you can see from the result, all the parameters after the double dash treated as parameters and not options. When you dig deep onto Linux bash scripting, sometimes you need options with additional parameter values like this:. There should be a way to identify any additional parameter for the options and be able to process it.

Linux Bash Scripting Part3 – Parameters and Options

When you start your Linux bash scripting, you are free to choose which letter is suitable for your option. The read command reads input from standard input the keyboard or from a file descriptor and stores it in a variable:. If you do not enter data for five seconds the script will execute f else clause and print a sorry message.


Now, if you want to get all file data, you can get the content using the cat command, then send it to the read command using while loop like this:. Get file content then pass to read command by iterating over lines using while command.

Linux Network Commands Used In Network Troubleshooting

We just pass the file content to the while loop and iterate over every line and print the line number and the content, and each time you increase the count by one. Email will not be published required.

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