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The screen supply overvoltage alarm thresholds should be set by means of RV4 and RV5 so that the alarms operate at about V; similarly, the screen undervoltage alarms should set via RV1 and RV2 to operate at about V.

Ac voltage with frequency 50Hz is connected to transistor’s base via the capacitor C. In the case of the 4CX ‘family, and in particular those members of it designed for linear service, the potential performance at the maximum licensed power is excellent.

Dtasheet off and remove the milliammeter; replace it with a link.

When mounting the completed pcb in the die-cast box, make sure that there is at least a l0mm clearance between the track side of the board and the box to avoid short-circuits. Extending an earth to pin 72 switches the supply to the receive mode.

Some multimeters have the option for measuring this, but most don’t. These are for initial setting-up of the standing currents, as discussed later.

If we connected an ammeter between the collector and the bulb to measure ICanother ammeter between the pot and the base for measuring IBand a voltmeter between the ground and the datashert and repeat the whole experiment, we will find some interesting data. RLA-D are small pcb-mounting two-pole changeover relays which are available from various sources: Switch on and allow a few seconds for the supply to start up and settle down.


Discussion in ‘ General Electronics Chat ‘ started by roadOct 17, Select a resistor whose value dqtasheet cause about 30mA to flow when connected between the output of the reservoir capacitor and the output of one channel of the datashete.

Feb 20, 2, The output voltage is thus kept constant. However, high-voltage Darlingtons will not work efficiently in the constant-current source position. Fig 3 is the circuit of the bias supply. The “turn-on” resistor – the resistor on the base, is 1M.

BU208 Datasheet PDF

Fig 5 shows a suggested scheme. The two 68kf12W resistors and the vdr should be connected directly to pin 1 of the valveholder. The transistor has a gain of and this means the collector current will be 1 mA.

The four extra transistors on the additional board are simple inverters to interface the cmos with common-cathode bicolour l. A further advantage of the changeover system is that any alarm in the control unit or failure of the ehv can be made to earth the screen grids, using the “ready” relay RLD as discussed above. Bipolar transistors have three leads: With all alarms cleared, datasheer ehv contactor output pin, pin 16, should go low after about 1min. The characteristics and similarities can be found in comparison charts.

BU datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

In conjunction with the built-in capacitor datashet the valve base and the pF capacitor shown on the diagram, this forms an rf lowpass filter. The number following the letter is of no importance to users. Their construction-material is most commonly silicon their marking has the letter B or germanium their marking has the letter A.

In fact they are something of a backstop since GW4FRX’s amplifers have for some years had a similar component directly between pin 1 of the valveholder and chassis and this seems to have worked well in protecting the valve and its base against flashover damage.


These documents hold the information about the component’s correct use maximum current rating, power, amplification, etc. This mark is similar to diode marks, which have a 1N prefix e. Dataheet power rating for a transistor, is PCmax found in a datasheet. Operating voltage is derived from a datasheft regulator IC7, which can also be used to produce a variable negative-going alc voltage for power control of many commercial transceivers.

Placement of leads and different housing types for some commonly used transistors are in diagram 4. For the 4CX and family in linear service with about 2kV on the anodes and V on the screens, the optimum standing current for best third- and fifth-order intermodulation performance seems to be about mA per valve, as the data sheet suggests.

Resistor R isn’t really necessary, but if you don’t use it, you mustn’t turn the potentiometer pot to its high position, because that would destroy the transistor – this is because the DC voltage UBE voltage between the base and the emittershould not be higher than 0.

Ham Radio, October Daatasheet our example, this coefficient is equal to:. With associated components this forms a constant-current source. Japanese bipolar transistor are prefixed with a: In digital circuits they are used as switches.

Refer now to Fig 2, which is a dual-channel screen supply capable of producing a regulated or V for Class AB I and Class C use respectively and which will source and sink some 30mA; it is a development of the design published in III.

Beginning with the screen supply, it will be noted that there arc two removable links between the constant-current sources and the shunt stabilisers.