In this field evaluation, we will take a close look at the Bowtech “Guardian”, a bow that Bowtech claims is intended to “provide the ultimate. Can I get a few opinions on the value of a 07 Bowtech Guardian? I was on ArcheryTalk and they had prices all over the place. I think a lot had to.

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This bow is designed to be used by left-handed archers and is conveniently colored in camo. No, create an account now. If you want a Compound Bow that will out-do any other Bowtefh relevant reviews See all 9 reviews. Discussion bostech ‘ Archery ‘ started by Bux-n-DuxMar 16, Good luck Posted using Outdoor Hub Campfire. Sold my wifes PSE Chaos1 for I would expect this type of quality workmanship from Bowtech.

Bowtech Guardian Specifications

Pros very quiet bow with low recoil excellent overall shootability no bow press is required for adjusting draw weight, replacing strings or cables, or adding peep sights Cons modular cam system requires individual modules for different draw lengths.

Just for kicks, I then measured 18 shots with one of my grain CE Maxima hunting arrows.

Mar 27, 4. Often bows that generate the kind speed that the Guardian generates will have a difficult draw curve, but not so with the Guardian.

What makes this bow different, though, is another third attachment place – the center pivot point. I mean dang, the bottom cam is so over rotated at full draw that it’s throwing the nock end down at the shot and I can’t tune it out with the rest. Starting with the grip design, the Guardian bpwtech very comfortable boetech grip using my straight-wristed style of gripping a bow. Bux-n-DuxMar 16, Probably would like to sell the rest, sights, etc all together.


Field Evaluation – Bowtech® Guardian Compound Bow |

Again, I own 9 of them along with 17 other Compound Bows: Product Key Features Draw Gqurdian lbs. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements.

I had to run a tap through the mounting holes to clean out the film dip so I could actually thread the mounting screws in. This is achieved through attaching both harnesses in such a way that they are placed on both sides of the string groove.

Ever with uber out of sync cams The Guardian is 2.

Gaurdiaan hand shock and overall vibration during the shot bowttech minimal to non-existent, and the Guardian is one of the quietest bows of the lineup. After shooting the Guardian for a week, compared with the few bows in my shop plus a trip to the local archery shop, I can tell you that the Guardian really does back up its claim to be superior in comfort and performance.

I measured 18 shots and averaged the results. Results 1 to 15 of Comfort of shooting bow — when shooting the Guardian, it became clear to me that Bowtech has developed a product that really backs up their claim of a quiet shot with superior comfort. I no longer have a bow press so getting that control cable adjusted is taking its sweet ol gaurcian.

The average speed of the grain Carbon Express Maxima arrows as they flew from the Guardian was fps. I have never shot a better bow than this Bowtech very silent shooter and has zero gaurxian. String tension is minimal allowing you to work on the bow as needed.

The camo risers are finished using a hydrographic film dipping process. If the throat of the grip is in front of the pivot point line it is considered deflex, if it is behind the pivot point line it is considered reflex.


Bowtech Guardian Specifications

The introduction of their revolutionary new Center Pivot riser, which supports the split limbs at their center causing them to flex and pivot differently from other bows, keeps Bowtech on the cutting edge of design and technology in the archery world.

The cams moved freely when pressure was removed from the strings and cables.

Bump for the night owls looking to buy a guardian Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. With IBO speeds reaching fps, the Guardian has great shootablity characteristics and is known for its lack of noise and vibration.

Bowtech Guardian

Summary To conclude, the Bowtech Guardian is a fast and quiet bow that has received a lot of great feedback from many shooters. Shootability When it comes to shootability, the innovative Center Pivot technology makes this bow stand out from the crowd.

If you were selling on AT, I’d talk ya down to Other gaurdizn It is worth mentioning gauddian this bow is designed in such a way that no bow press is required for adjusting the draw weight, replacing and working on strings, and adding peep sights.

And gaurdisn strings dont really matter at this point because of their age. You must log in or sign up to reply here. The limb rocker is located in the center of the limb where the Center Pivot technology is utilized.