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The Mono-Jetronic and Motronic injection systems have many features similar to those of the Bosch L-variants, but are quite different from them.

Bosch Mono-Motronic

Bosch offer Motronic M3 and Mono-Motronic versions. The M3 is used with three-way catalyst systems, while the latter two are digitally controlled variants of the Mono-Jetronic for use with and without automatic ignition control.

Bosch Mono-Jetronic system Fig. A single injector injects fuel intermittently into the throttle body.

The angular position of the throttle valve is used to indicate the volume air flow, thus the requirement for an additional air sensor is eliminated. A low pressure vane type pump, installed in the fuel tank, delivers fuel at a pressure of 98 kPa, through a filter directly to the throttle body injection unit.

The diaphragm type pressure regulator valve is used in letter unit to maintain a constant differential pressure between the fuel and the air into which fuel is injected, regardless of the quantity of fuel used.


The ignition system provides the controller the signal of the engine speed.

Throttle Body Injection (Automobile)

Among the other sensors, the throttle valve potentiometer together with engine speed and air temperature signals indicates the mass of the air flow. Motroniv air temperature sensor is installed in the air passage through the throttle body. The throttle valve potentiometer also signals the enrichment for the idle, acceleration and full load conditions, and in association with the engine speed indication, cuts off the fuel supply during overrun condition or, if required, limits the engine speed.

The thermo-actuator regulates the position of the motronkc stop in the open loop idle speed control. The digital control unit processes the input signals and then computes the duration of injection at constant pressure to indicate the quantity of fuel to be injected per engine cycle. The control unit is consisted of an analogue-digital converter, a microcomputer, and programme and data memories.

To compute the basic injection period, it refers to an engine characteristic map comprising 15 throttle angle and 15 engine speed points, making a total of data points for maintaining the air-fuel ratio at lambda 1. If the air-fuel ratio varies from prescribed limits, an adaptation algorithm writes correction values into the former.


This also compensates for deviation in the performance of either the engine or injection equipment, due to wear in service. The injection pulses are timed relative to signals from the ignition system.

Throttle Body Injection (Automobile)

Enrichment for cold starting, post start and warm-up, full load and acceleration are carried out in response to the signals as discussed above. Because all cylinders are supplied through one injector, the volume injected per cycle is large, so a single-hole unit can be inadequate.

Therefore, six angled radial holes in the tip of the injector Fig. This is divided into two segments directed one into each of the crescent shape apertures opened up between the edges of the butterfly valve and the bore of its housing. The spray characteristics are optimised by a combination of baffle and swirl effects. Low pressure fuel injection valve assembly. Kotronic of SI Engines Automobile.

Throttle Body Injection Automobile. Throttle Body Injection 9.

Bosch Mono-Jetronic System The Mono-Jetronic and Motronic injection systems have many features similar to those of the Bosch L-variants, but are quite different from them. Injector Automobile Previous post: