The Sorrow of War: A Novel of North Vietnam [Bao Ninh, Frank Palmos, Phan Thanh Hao] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The daring and. The Sorrow of War: A Novel of North Vietnam. Bao, Author, Bao Ninh, Author, Frank Palmos, Editor Pantheon Books $21 (p) ISBN Fifteen years after Bao Ninh’s admired war novel, he explains his When it was first published 15 years ago, Ninh’s novel, The Sorrow of War.

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It was instantly controversial: There is also much in here about writing. Although much of Kien’s tale is of the brutal reality of war, the futility and the suffering, he does bring out the heroism of others who sacrificed themselves – although he sees these sacrifices as personal, to save their friends, rather than in the furtherance of the cause of those who commissioned the conflict: Views Read Edit View history.

Kien recalls his youth, his early years in the military, a time ten years after he entered the war, events Kien is a survivor of the Viet Nam war, a North Vietnamese survivor.

The flow of his life focused and refocused and each moment of that stream was recalled, each event, each memory was a drop of water in his nameless, ageless river. Under the Feet of Jesus. That isn’t from marking my place I always use bookmarks but to lead to passages that I’ll want to re-read in the future when I feel the desire to pick up the book again.


For many years, he said, he was supported by his wife, who is a schoolteacher.

The memory that afternoon reawakened in him the sense of sacred duty. Bastards; may they rot in hell!

I hope to find more by him. The sun shone during the day and the air was as light or clean as April or May. The Sorrow of War: Shifting from first to third person, with the occasional second person letter, the story is as unstructured as the tbe involved.

I feel much more for the hao they set up for us, more compassion, more in common with them. At a purely personal level this didn’t quite work for me. Chudori Epic, compelling, important: Mar 14, Pages.

The Sorrow of War

It was a soldier’s story, set in battlefields of rotted corpses and the tortured soul of a young teenager who went off to serve his country, and when the novel was published in it brought Bao Ninh the closest thing in Vietnam to instant literary celebrity. Bwo view it, click here.

Because the message wasn’t necessarily powerful. There is much back and forth among the timelines.

The Sorrow of War: A Novel of North Vietnam

Kien says he has only had two loves in his life: Unable to sustain any sort of intimate relationship, all he can do is remember. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The April 3rd Incident. It is this sense of loss and disillusionment with life after the war that made the novel so controversial in Vietnam, where authors had written strictly about the heroic deeds of war, about the collective struggle of yhe peasants toppling a giant army and its superior technology.


The book is a bit of a disjointed set of memories, jumping between per-War, War, post-War scenes and Kien’s relationship with Phuong. Any page seemed like the first, any page could have sorrw the last.

It was clear that this was a difficult book for Ninh to write and he reflects on the process in the novel itself. If you’re interested in the Vietnam War, absolutely read this book.

The Sorrow of War – Wikipedia

I can read each line and see faces of friends. The room is drafty, the walls mildewed. The Ocean of the Future or, in other editions, Pacific: Refresh and try again. Yes, he sees ghosts. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.