Browse our 5 arrangements of “Ashokan Farewell.” Sheet music is available for Piano, Piano Accompaniment, SAB Choir and 2 others with 5 scorings and 1. Also known as The Ashokan Farewell, Ashokan’s Farewell. . As I’ve seen it written (have had the sheet music for years) and played, the last two measures of . Download and print Ashokan Farewell by arr. Calvin Custer. Digital sheet music for Ashokan Farewell available now.

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This waltz was composed by Jay Ungar. His website is http: The tune has been allowed to appear on this site with the proviso that it is accompanied by this attribution of authorship and copyright.

“Ashokan Farewell” Sheet Music – 5 Arrangements Available Instantly – Musicnotes

Eheet 10 years ago a student of mine, an older gentleman taught this song to me. He was rather hard of hearing, and mis-heard how the song came to be, hearing “supper club” instead of “summer camp”…. However, as a tune itself, I love it. The first part is a bit constricted here, as it should be about twice as long repeating itself with a ashkan different ending.

This is a version off the net that is a muxic closer to what I would play. Just a short note. This tune first came on to site here on May 5th, That entry has gone kaput! Someone I met at a session said that A F shete like an Irish tune she had heard. Anyone got any ideas? There have been a good few discussions in here regarding copyrights, and this particular case is the best example to illustrate the purpose of having one.

What happened here is very much in keeping with my experience regarding copyrights. In a case like the session. Whatever the case, I am all in favor of Jay Ungar making some money. One of several possibilities: I once had a whistler at a session try to accompany me on this, but she had a problem with the low part and the high part.


“Ashokan Farewell” Sheet Music

It qshokan the same way with viola, except the only thing changed from the original is the second arpeggio in each line and the high notes following are dropped. It is written in the style of a Scottish lament. I was asyokan a fiddle contest today, and one contestant played AF as her waltz, and then another contestant played it as her TOC which of course should not be a hoedown or waltz… I heard the first contestant comment as if to disqualify the 2nd contestantthat she was playing a waltz for her TOC… Ashoka do not claim to be an expert on these matters, but I was told by someone who IS an expert that AF is not a waltz.

Note that in the second part second bar he drops down to D, not A as you would expect. It gives a bit more feeling there, I think.

Ashokan Farewell

In the first series of Transatlantic Sessions, Jay talks to Aly Bain, saying how he was probably thinking of Wshokan when he wrote it. They then proceed to play it, Aly first and Jay second, and it certainly shows where the inspiration came from – Aly Bain is magical!

This was one of my Dads favourites. I saw a YouTube video that mentions a melody for a second instrument to accompany the main tune. Has anybody heard it or know where I faeewell get it? This allows it to be played for the ashokzn part on a D whistle. It is a music camp in upstate New York. It should probably also have a Q: The purpose of the copyright symbol and the year, and for most authors filing with the US Copyright Office in the United States, is to prove authorship and date of creation in order to bring a lawsuit for copyright infringement.


Ashokan Farewell (Violin and Guitar) sheet music download free in PDF or MIDI

I play this one on the whistle. In the version in Fareell, I play the high Cnat as a C and keep it short like a grace note and half hole the Fnat.

Sounds pretty good, I think. Ashokah sacrilege at all! If you are not playing for dancing, where you need to keep the same tempo, it can be played with AF first, slow air tempo, followed by MW and MotW at a more waltzy speed. It is much easier to go up a notch in speed when changing tunes than to come down one!

And Iain Bulloch 4 years ago asked about a second fiddle tune for it. It uses a D7 chord under that rising C note in the B part, where some people use a Cmaj.

Matter of taste, I guess. If you are a member of The Session, log in to add a comment. Membership is free, and it only takes a moment to sign up. I think you can also play it on an A or G whistle with no problem. Tunes Recordings Sessions Events Discussions help contact links donate.