In this post I want to share who we can open the psf file in separate window from you flash application with fscommand. Here’s my AS3 code and it DOES CALL THE function and a trace: Code: function launch(event:MouseEvent):void { fscommand(“exec”. as3/tamarin/as3_src/avmglue/classes/ Fetching contributors The Original Code is [Open Source Virtual Machine.]. *. * The Initial Developer.

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Definitely worth a read.

Conquering FSCommand EXEC

Turns out it was a nesting issue. Yes unfortunately I have to use Flash Projector.

fscoommand I hope you understand to me. English not my mother language so don’t blame me, I just do the best to sharing, just give me suggestion to fix it.

AppleScript is the simplest solution for the Mac and you can basically do the same thing. If the specified file is not found in the fscommand folder, it won’t run.

Opening external exe file via fscommand Ask Question. FScommand folder – invoke. Florian August 5, at Email Required, but never shown.

Can you use this method multiple times in a single application?

Flash Projector have limited rights to user computers and files. Thanks again for putting this out there. That’s where the proxy utility can help you create a more professional looking end product for your users.


Hi Northcode – I feel like I am close to this working. Any helpful hints would be most appreciated. This makes targeting files from AppleScript a little trickier because every reference you make is relative to the fscommand folder, where the AppliScript has to be so you can EXEC it. It works in AS2 but not my AS3 project. You can use getURL to open most documents, but sometimes the document opens behind the projector.

There are four key restrictions that you have to keep in mind when working with the EXEC fscommand and standalone Flash projectors. On the PC, clicking on the buttons to open the documents works, but they ALL open the first document.

Do you have a difficult problem you need help with? If love my work, you can support me and follow me on Twitter. Do I have to drop the fscommand folder inside the start. Is very limited in comparison to AIR. Publish the Flash Document in Windows Projector. So the answer might be the case but I don’t know. AIR might be the last resort. Alex Leiva August 16, at You have just a little mistake in the path of the opened exe, so you should write: Results 1 to 20 of If you know where the file is going to be on the CD and you can set the CD name then you can use a simple script like this one.


Create a BAT file called file1.

How To Open PDF File From Flash using Fscommand | DesignFloat

Power To Spare Are you on a tight schedule? Ting March 15, at There is a manual documentation file in PDF format which the user can open the Pdf file. If I have to send it to fxcommand client to compile on his Mac, I’d like to only have to do it once. It would not running properly in swf movie file.

I have a question: Deny; Are you get some error? Does anyone have a simple Cross Platform suggestion? On the Mac side, nothing opens when you click any of the document links