ARMY TM &P* AIR FORCE TO 11W .. PURPOSE OF EQUIPMENT The M68 Reflex Sight w/Quick Release Mount is used on the. M68 Reflex Sight Manual. This is an illustrated operator and maintenance manual TM &P for the U.S. Army M68 reflex sight. Soft cover, B/W, . The TA31RCO is an Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) designed for the US Army’s M4 weapon system (” barrel). It incorporates dual illumination .

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Sign In Sign Out. After the soldier has mastered the art of scanning he will find that targets are more easily detected by acknowledging the flicker or the movement of a target.

The firer should ensure that the butt of the weapon is firmly pulled into the pocket of the shoulder to prevent the laser from wobbling. The more accurate the boresight of the M68 to the assigned weapon, the closer to a battlesight zero the weapon will be. Their effectiveness is limited by the capability of the image-intensifying I2 sight with which they are used.

With these versions scanning must be done slowly in order to maintain a good thermal image on the screen. What type of black women do white men like?

To zero the borelight to the weapon, align the visible laser with the barrel of the weapon. The gm aiming lasers complete the transition from day optics to night optics. The fundamentals of BRM change as follows:.

Qualification standards are the same for day and night. With the vehicle not moving, the tires are cold. However, getting accustomed to the two-eyes-open method takes practice. Zeroing at 25 meters must be conducted to ensure the TWS is properly zeroed.

Anyone know the TM (Army) number for an ACOG? | Yahoo Answers

Every barrel is different; therefore, steps 8 through 10 must be performed with every weapon to ensure that the borelight is zeroed to that barrel.

The engine compartment, exhaust, and tires of a vehicle that has been moving are all examples of thermal cues. In most cases, the cheek-to-stock weld no longer exists. The backup iron sight BIS is a semi-permanent flip up sight equipped with a rail-grabbing base. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Extensive testing has proven that the average soldier does not properly use the night vision devices.


The TWS gives the soldier the ability to see through camouflage, such as paint, foliage, and camouflage netting, thereby increasing both day aarmy night target-detecting abilities. Adjusting the brightness, contrast, and polarity helps enhance the thermal cues of a target, allowing for quicker detection and identification.


At night, soldiers should conduct a terrain walk to become more familiar and build confidence using the night vision goggles. The night initial training strategy is armt for soldiers who have little or no previous experience with night vision goggles, or for units beginning a night-training program. The same is true with the human body-a person moving generates more heat than someone standing still.

Qrmy integrated act of firing with the M68 is identical to the iron sights except for the change in sight picture. Atlas the robot goes out for some physical training.

Anyone know the TM (Army) number for an ACOG?

The procedures for record qualification are:. A soldier must be taught that what he can see downrange or on the battlefield through his NVGs, the enemy can also see. If the visible laser cannot be located when the soldier spins the borelight to the half turn position, start this procedure at afog meters instead of 10 meters.

The Srmy, CCO is a reflex nontelescopic sight. No tools are needed for windage and elevation adjustments because the TA31RCO-MCP features external windage and elevation adjusters, making it waterproof up to 11m without caps. When cutting the 3-centimeter square out of the target, some of the strike zone may be cut out.

Although some courses of fire may seem redundant or inappropriate, numerous tests show that these training strategies work and acpg qualification standards are achievable if the strategy is followed.

This box is now the offset and is the designated point of impact for the M Time and effort must be applied to ensure a precise boresight, which will in turn save time and ammunition.


During the dry-fire exercise, soldiers acquire a sight picture on all exposed silhouette targets before conducting the field-fire scenario.

Before beginning a night marksmanship program, soldiers must agmy on their assigned weapons during daylight conditions as outlined in the previous chapters of this manual. Starting with a securely installed and live-fire zeroed BIS, mount the reflex sight to the front of the receiver rail or to the top RAS as preferred.

Confirm that equipment is tight prior to zeroing. The weapon system is now boresighted and ready to engage targets or conduct a meter zero. Soldiers must adjust their body position so they can properly look through the sight. Lay the weapon on the rucksacks and then lay another rucksack on top of the weapon to stabilize it. Basic rifle marksmanship taught effective engagement of the enemy with the basic rifle or carbine using iron sights to engage targets primarily during the day. When the target is detected the soldier orients his weapon around the base of the target, activates his laser, and walks the laser to the center mass of the target for engagement.

Have the firer get behind the weapon in a stable supported firing position looking through the M A general in the United States Army wants to be my sugar daddy? Refer to TM31 Oct 00 for target preparation. IR light is received through the telescope, detected by an IR sensor, converted to digital data, processed, and displayed for the user.

Target detection procedures for the M68 are the same as with standard iron sights. When a soldier uses proper IR discipline while scanning for targets, he must keep his weapon oriented within his sector of fire. Russian Weapon 27 Times Faster than Speed of Sound Borisov told Russian television that the Avangard hypersonic glide acoh flies 27 times faster than the speed of sound. Have the gunner move his reticle off the circular crosshair and then realign back on the target.