Series By Tate Hallaway; Books By Tate Hallaway Almost to Die For. from: $ #1. Almost Final Curtain: A Vampire Princess Novel. from: $ #2. Almost. : Almost to Die For: A Vampire Princess Novel (Vampire Princess of St. Paul) (): Tate Hallaway: Books. Twilight meets The Princess Diaries in the new series from the author of Honeymoon of the Dead On her sixteenth birthday, Anastasija Parker.

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Nikolai is a lead-singer and witch, while Elias is her sultry vampire guardian and neither will back down from protecting Ana. Read the whole review here. Life for Anajust went from being a simple teenage freak to the hallsway deadliest person in the world as everyone wants a piece of her.

Almost to Die For: Vampire Princess of St Paul Book 1 by Tate Hallaway – Penguin Books Australia

It was a fast read thought but not good enough for me. Her BFF stood her up at lunch, she gets into an altercation with a jock bully and when she arrives home, the father she never met shows up at her front doo “Almost to Die For” was an extremely painful read for me for so haallaway reasons.

Her mom leaves in tears and Ana runs into the woods and is again greeted by Elias. Ana gives into her mom’s demands, but lies to see her after school.

Nov 17, Sarah Marie rated it really liked it Shelves: At the ceremony, vampires show up and that is when Ana discovers she is a Dhampyr, half witch and half vampire.


Not a Wiccan practitioner, but almosg actual witch who belongs to a coven. To Ana, it’s quite unsettling and her mother continues to be just as secretive about her father’s identity on the drive to the covenstead for her initiation and even more insistent for her to be initiated into the coven as quickly as possible.

Yet, that is not all. See all books by Tate Hallaway.

Almost Everything

Honestly, the idea of the storyline was interesting but it could have been a whole lot better in the writing department.

So she is arrives home to practice some magic. Ana is the first character I’ve read that made me go “OMG it’s a year-old me!

Mar 29, Mav rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: The writer can’t seem to decide what she wants for yo character. At that moment when Ana said “Vampires were real? View all 5 comments. With her mom totally pissed and freaked that he was there, sort of gives Ana an answer that it was indeed her dad.

Or trained to be one by his dad. But what made it worse you ask?

Almost to Die For by Tate Hallaway

Then her blood magic pops in and tells Elias that she needs his blood. The blood is irresistible, especially blood of an enemy won in a fight.

Vampire Princess of St Paul Book 1? I definitely do not LIKE haolaway mother. Yes, that’s the term for our beloved Rose Hathaway of Vampire Academy.


Nik Everything I love in YA fiction! The part I’m at is adding more meat to the story, but I don’t almosh how they are handling things, like I I’m not done with reading the book, working on that.

Almost to Die For

Too bad witches and vampires are mortal enemies. But so far, it’s hanging on a thin thread.

She twte make up for it like other heroines in this genre by being hallaway aloof and not caring. He’s aware of Bea’s feelings for him, but has never had any interest in her. Stuck between hallawah warring worlds, Ana tries to figure out who she is vampie or witch and what side she will stand with. He takes her to “Hell” and tells her that her debut is now. Ana had me laughing from the start with her insecure thoughts about being the black sheep at school.

I am sorry there is this thing called stress and they would have felt just a little. It would be wonderful to meet a YA character who knows who she wants to be with for a change.

The main male characters are Nikolai and Elias. Rarely do these heroines come across as well rounded, and frankly, some of them perpetuate a lot of internalized misogyny.