Badiou indicts this approach, which reduces politics to a matter of opinion, thus eliminating any of its truly radical and emancipatory possibilities. Metapolitics has ratings and 15 reviews. Chelsea said: I may be doomed to never really be able to look at Badiou’s thought directly – like the face o. Alain Badiou. European Graduate School. Follow. Abstract. Against “political philosophy” — Politics as thought — Althusser — Politics unbound — A speculative .

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According to which procedures are the objectivity of the multiple and the reflexive subjectivity of judgement on the phenomenality of this multiple articulated? They are prescriptive declarations of what “there is” In some respects, this could easily be a groundwork for meatpolitics Postmodern Anarchism I was complaining about in the book of the same name I previously reviewed.

Selected pages Title Page. With Cavailles, in the process of passing from Husserl to Spinoza – or equally with Albert Lautman who, on the basis of PROLOGUE 5 a staggering mastery of the mathematics mftapolitics his time, attempted to found a metapplitics Platonism – we are presented with the singular background of the exemplary resistant figures of French philosophy.

What then follows in Metapolitics is a series of tactical with- drawals from all forms of political representation.

As he nicely puts it in Conditions: One sees here the opening of a theme dear to Revault d’Allonnes: The Possibilities of a Badiouian Business Ethics. Henceforth politics evacuates Voids’ the arena of representation by subtracting itself, on a point of principle, from every representative fiction: But what Revault d’Allonnes calls ‘the courage of judgement 5 is more like the laziness of those who are sheltered from every baidou and see their errors or their lies protected by right.


It is all very abstract and in some ways takes on mteapolitics kind of phenomenology. Thus, for Wittgenstein, philosophical state- ments are meaningless inasmuch as they claim to restrict the form of the proposition to a non-pliant, trans-mundane Real, which is indicated metapoliitics by way of silence.

This is a preliminary condition for declaring that ‘in the formula “anthropology of the name”, the name designates the will to apprehend singularity without making it disappear’.

Moving towards Meta-Politics: Notes on Alain Badiou’s Political Criticism

But Lazarus considers as absolutely specific to the anthropology of the name Statement 2: The thought of the mode from the point of its lapsing is to be found in terms of a name and a place of the name. Everyone knows that there is a precious ‘freedom of opinion’, whereas the ‘freedom of truth’ remains in doubt.

There is always a number of points or assumptions or consequences of any procedure he invokes. The foundation of an intellectual configuration through a critical rupture, a configuration whose disciplinary foundation is crystallisation.

Moving towards Meta-Politics: Notes on Alain Badiou’s Political Criticism

The Day After the Revolution. Revault d’Allonnes is aware of this, which confirms why in this case it’s a matter of an ‘extension’ of the concept of the politi- cal. Subjectivity without a Subject. In The Poverty of Philosophy Marx alerts us to the danger when the only thinkable equality at stake, the only ‘sovereign constitution’ to speak of, is money: Abdiou Badiou, the administrative collapse of the Eastern European nations could hardly be put down to the supe- riority aalin a capitalist over a communist State.


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A Speculative Disquisition on the Concept of. What is overtly eradicated here is the militant identification of politics which, for me, is never- theless the only identification which can ally politics and thought. George Anderson and Andrew Barone. And this constitution is precisely what wrests it from the regime of opinion.


The book is certainly an interesting appraisal of “politics” up to a point, but the stuff of politics as thought and the useless crap at the end metapolifics a potentially great book in to just an ok one. In the second that of a bygone mode, we enter into the thinking of politics from the point of view of categories which uphold the relation of a politics to its thought.

And every rupture begins, for those engaged in it, through a rupture with oneself.

Book Review Backs to The Wall: Philosophical propositions concerning the modes of inscription of the political condition in the general system of truth procedures. But I am getting too far ahead of myself.

Full text of “Badiou Alain – (PDFy mirror)”

Badiou confronts liberal democracy in a unique way badiu a fascism of consensus. Furthermore, as I have hinted at, it seems that even in Badiou’s larger work, the argument for the suturing of evental politics to philosophy is actually quite thin in the larger work, and if that fails, so do most of these polemics.

Tn the case of the factory as a place of the State, time or money three specifications of placethe factory is always a subjective category, it is prescribed. Badiou indicts this approach, which reduces politics to a matter of opinion, thus eliminating any of its truly radical and emancipatory possibilities. For example, I recognise clearly how the historical modes of politics effectively identified by Lazarus overlap with what I name political truth procedures.