AF FORM Yes No PREVIOUS EDITIONS ARE OBSOLETE A and B Member unable to sign PRIVACY ACT INFORMATION The. Get the AF FORM ,Pg 1 – Description. OFFICER PERFORMANCE REPORT (Lt thru Col) I. RATEE IDENTIFICATION DATA (Read AFI. 2 Arial 10 bold absolute 13 AF FORM , C:\Documents and . EDITIONS ARE OBSOLETE (A and B) Arial 7 plain center absolute.

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During the transition period, both old and new versions of the OPR forms will be available. The old versions will be available on the e-publishing web page until 90 days after the effective date of the OPR. The new form will be designated as AF Form This new form incorporates the following changes: Essentially a one-page OPR for the majority of officers.

Job Description has been shortened from 6 to 4 lines and will be in bullet format. All seven Performance Factors are consolidated on the front side of the form. The Ratee must acknowledge receipt of the report before it becomes a matter of record.

Fitness is now one of the Performance Factors being considered. The report can be referred on the form itself. The new form has digital signature capability. Bullet length will be limited to a maximum of 2 lines, down from 3 lines. Provides space to comment on each performance factor.

Elimination of the assessment bar scale. There are no other changes with requirements for initial and midterm feedback. Colonels will continue to receive initial feedbacks; however, they will now also receive a follow-on feedback upon acknowledgement of the OPR.

Reports closing prior to 707n effective date will be accomplished on the previous editions of the forms AF Form A and B. Performance feedback must be accomplished regardless of availability of the revised forms. Required feedbacks may be accomplished on previous edition pending availability.

Officer Performance Report

It will replace Table xf. Digital signatures will be used except in the following cases: All communications squadron resources must be exhausted to find a local technological solution before requesting an exception to policy. The specific school cannot be mentioned.

School designation status is reflected on the Officer Selection Brief. Unlike resident students, non-resident students do not receive a Training Report to document this achievement.

The qf can be either handwritten or typed. Rater will indicate the type of feedback in Section II. For initial feedback, the rater will mark the Initial Feedback block under each standard of performance and provide comments on their expectations.

  3870 ELV PDF

Definitions of performance assessment ratings to be used on PFWs: Performs below established standards, requires improvement. Disciplinary action is not required. Performs beyond established standards and expectations. Performs at a higher level than most of their peers, far exceeds standards and expectations, unique performer.

The rater will provide face to face feedback to the ratee in conjunction with issuing the evaluation. The OPR serves as the feedback form. Do not use a performance feedback worksheet. When 70b7 to face feedback is not feasible, rater will conduct feedback either electronically or via telephone.

This feedback is not to be used as the last feedback accomplished that is recorded in the feedback block of the evaluation form.

Implementation Instructions For New OPR & PFW

Comments on fitness are prohibited on the AF FormPromotion Recommendation Form, unless the officer is not meeting fitness standards. The CSS will administer the unit performance report program for the commander. Send performance report notices to the rater and, when applicable, attach Letters of Evaluation LOEs for the reporting period to the notices.

As a minimum, this review must ensure: Provide technical assistance to the commander and evaluators. Receives all evaluations via CMS. Returns reports to unit for corrections, as necessary. Forwards reports to ARMS. Unit will be notified via CMS. Provide technical assistance to the commander, evaluators, and CSS, when necessary. After evaluations have been updated in ARMS, print and forward necessary reports to the MPF, when required, when records are maintained at base level.

Additional access points will be determined by local procedures. Digitally signed evaluations are considered a matter of record once they are loaded into ARMS. The unit will set up a monitoring system vorm ensure prompt performance report submittal. Do not suspense or require raters to submit a completed evaluation with their signature on it to the next evaluator in the rating chain any earlier than five duty 707g after the close-out date.

If the rater is not available, extend the suspense.

Will automatically default to all capital letters after cursor leaves data field. Do not use suffix. For those assigned to an indeterminate day deployment billet, use the home station PAS Code. Enter information as of close-out date. Nomenclature does not necessarily duplicate what is on OPR notice. The goal is an accurate description of where and to whom fofm ratee belongs.

Command and Component will be listed inside parentheses.

Implementation Instructions For New OPR & PFW

The Component will be listed at the end of the statement. Enter number of days ratee was supervised by rater during the reporting period. If the duty title on the notice is abbreviated and entries are not clear, spell them out. If wrong, enter the correct duty title and take appropriate actions to update the system. Corrective actions should be initiated upon fomr of the OPR notice.


Indeterminate day deployments will use the deployed Duty Title. Foorm Example Flight Commander Table 3. Limit text corm four lines. Enter information about the position the ratee held in the unit and the nature or level of job responsibilities. The rater develops the information for this section. This description must reflect the uniqueness of each ratee’s job.

Make it clear; use plain English. Avoid jargon, acronyms, and topical fprm obscure rather than clarify meaning. You may mention previous aaf held during the reporting period only if it impacts the evaluation. Indeterminate day deployments will use the TDY job description.

All seven performance factors are consolidated in this block. Specific performance factors are listed on the reverse side of the form. See Notes 8 and 9. Must use bullet format. If feedback was not accomplished, Feedback was not state reason why. There is no accomplished due to …… excuse for not completing this requirement. Fogm AFIparagraph 3.

The forms have digital signature and auto-date capability. In the rare instance where digital signatures cannot be used, sign in reproducible blue or black ink and handwrite the date. Do not sign blank forms or sign before the close-out date only on or after.

Rater assessment and feedback block will be locked and additional rater signature capability unlocked with rater digital signature. See Note 18 Commander All digital or all wet signatures. A combination of both is not authorized. If non-concurring, comments are required. Use bullet format to provide comments that add meaning and are compatible with ratings in Section IV. Do not repeat comments provided in previous section. fork

If additional rater does not meet grade requirements, the first official in rating chain that meets requirements endorses the report. See definition of rating chain in AFIAttachment 1 and paragraph 3. Additional raters may be no higher in the organization than the senior rater. This area is limited to 4 lines. Example – Capt Smith…… – Better than others…….

Additional Raters assigned on or prior to close-out date, enter information as of the close-out date; Additional Raters assigned after the close-out date, enter the information as of the date signed.