Malay customary law is understood to derive from two sources: adat pepatih and adapt. Adat pepatih developed among the matrilineal Minangkabau of Sumatra. According to the Minangkabau Adat pepatih, The Creator is the Prime Mover, The First Cause, The Absolute and The Phenomenon. Although we learn about. What is adat land? • customary land tenure is that it is a matriarchal system or adat pepatih and applicable in the districts of Kuala Pilah,. Rembau, Jelebu and.

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It is perhaps one of the most powerful statements relating to adat and its place in Malay society. Open rather cages were built at public discourage the public from criminal acts by the pepati of horribly mutilated criminals. In this strong patriarchal and autocratic environments, adat pepateh deteriorated into a constantly changing mass of institutions and regulations which was administered by despotic rulers and officials and became known as adat temenggong.

The adat temenggong was administered on autocratic lines. The whole of Hindu criminal law is characterized by lex teleonis. This often led to a continued fight between the litigants and the wrong doer. Due to its geographical strategic position it had become a famous port and a trade centre linking Middle-East and China. After all adat is approved behaviour apart from its customary law. Between these two groups of Malays, it is the adat pepatih society which follows its adat scrupulously.

It is a social norm established by long usage laid down by a paramount political power or rules of human conduct which is recognized as being obligatory.

Adat perpatih

The justice to the adat temenggong was a cruel and pityless hi justice. Historical perspective To understand the whole purpose of this topic, it is very important to note the historical background of Peninsular Malaya and the Malays themselves.

This system resulted in a gradded jurisdiction which gave every official judicial power beyond which he was not permitted to act. In such society when the family is responsible for its members, penalties like imprisonment and mutilation would only mean extra burden to them and so adat pepatih aims at restitution and compensation of the injured rather than punishment of and revenge on the culprit.


By the end of 15th century Malacca had become a power of great importance in South East Asia. If the peasants committed a petty offence, he was judge by his own people and the chiefs cannot interfere. He is the source of honour and the fountain of justice. It cannot bring justice adatt operating under such traditional community which hold tightly to the metaphysical beliefs.

Adat perpatih – Wikipedia

The properties that the female members holds will adxt through all the ancestry female members of Adat Perpatih customary law. The British creation of a council for the nine states of which the ruler is President and the undangs are members pepati the coping — store on the Negeri Sembilan Constitution. As the result of it the mases was continued to be oppressed. This code of procedural behaviour can be found in the perbilangan proverbs.

Adat pepatih finds expression in traditional verses and sayings of the matriarchal tribes in Negeri Sembilan. One important point to note about the Malays are although they are being oppressed, it had xdat a duty to the mases to obey the ruler however cruel he may be.

Their respective daughters in turn inherit the share of predeceased daughters. At best it only encourage a chief to assist his own followers against a stranger.

The system practices democracy in electing chiefs and a king. There is also a female leader known as Ibu Soko. Although it seemed to prejudice the men in Negeri Sembilan, common justice ought to make us recognised that the system worked well.

The rulers were appointed from the royal house. The ruler could do whatever seem best in pepatiu own eyes.

Adat Pepatih Archives – Viddsee BUZZ

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. All females must be identified with a piece of customary land. Unlike Adat Perpatih, the laws in Adat Temenggung are harsh – punishment is imposed as retribution. Adat in general ada a right to conduct an in common usage, it stands pepath a variety of things all connected with proper social behaviour and culture.


Though both the adat originated from tribal organization in the past, it is in adat pepateh that is the remnants of tribal structure are clearly evident.

It is more of a deterrence means rather than to reform. A study on adat will not only reflect its legal consequences but also the way of life and the identity of the Malays itself. Adat pepateh and adat temenggonq distinguished Adat pepatih was an extremely mild system of laws, lenient to the first offender and always ready to condone a wrong if due restitution was made.

Although there are some so called written law such as the Malacca Codes and Perak Code but these digest cannot reflect that the laws has been clearly define bacause sometime their authorities were often subject to the absolute power of the ruling class. The married man shall be subservient to his mother in-law If he is clever I will try to cajole him If he is stupid I will see that he works Like the butl ressem of a big tree he shall shelter me Like a thick foliage he shall shade me.

Unlike the society, the royal families are patrilineal. Islamic influence in the Malay world During the 14th country Malacca raised to be the centre of Malay civilization in the Peninsular.

Views Read Edit View history. The importance of adat is also embodied in this saying: Female members can only inherited in equal shares of property according to the Will.