Get this from a library! Accelerating your learning curve: designed to improve the speed and effectiveness of learning. [Andrew Wasson]. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. Accelerating Your Learning Curve. Watch the Accelerated Learning Video FREE eBook The Art of Practice and membership to Andrew Wasson’s Guitar Blog.

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Qndrew you like to know how to Practice with the “Accelerated Learning” techniques and you’ll learn easier, with less stress and no chance of pain or injury.

Top 5 Guitar Practicing Tips with Andrew Wasson | Guitar Lessons @

How you will receive your eBook by Nadrew Download. It has helped musicians learn easier and faster since the ‘s and is still in use at G. Are you looking for an ebook that will finally show you how the modes can be used to solo?

Most modes books are far too confusing or require knowledge that you may not have! This book is a very well easson systematic guide which explains how to use each modes harmonic structure. The book unlocks the key to hearing the sound of each mode in relation to the chord – 51 pages.


Accelerating your learning curve : designed to improve the speed and effectiveness of learning

Includes a modes video series and membership to Andrew Wasson’s Guitar Blog subscribers eNews, in-depth software tutorials and musicians articles. One of the most comprehensive ebooks covering Blues guitar styles available online! How many Blues courses teach chords, harmony, rhythm guitar, slide, alternate tunings and blues guitar licks?

A lot of the Blues courses available now just show scales and licks, this course has it all! With 8, 12, learninf 16 bar progressions and all important chord patterns, progressing through techniques i. Includes 27 MP3 audio files demonstrating all of the ebooks TAB examples performed along with a metronome.

Creative Guitar Products

A thorough practice and study of the fifth reading position! The fifth reading position is the primary reading area on the guitar neck and should be the primary area for every student of sheet music notation. By mixing reading drills with full pieces and rhythmic studies this course maximizes the way a student will comprehend the neck! Music Reading Phase One is a Comprehensive set of project lessons covering the entire 5th reading position on the guitar.

Note location charts and drills work to help students memorize the positions of all notes including important sharp and flat tones. Several original and classic pieces of music help students to gain a solid understanding of this region of the neck.


Includes 19 MP3 audio files demonstrating all of the ebooks primary examples performed along with a metronome. This comprehensive course covers ten lesson plans for anyone who needs to establish a solid foundation on guitar!

Introductory Guitar is excellent acceleratint any guitarist who is either just starting out, or who would like to review a comprehensive breakdown of the most foundational elements required to be a good guitarist! Designed by Andrew Wasson and used by hundreds of his students since !

It can be used by either complete beginners, or even by Intermediate anerew who may require a review of the most essential topics used by all guitar players. Each lesson includes an answer key demonstrating all of the ebooks primary examples and music theory assignments. Courses are currently being developed into eBooks for purchase online through the Creative Guitar Studio Website.