Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. THE 6SL7GT COMBINES TWO INDEPENDENT HIGH-MU TRIODES IN ONE ENVELOPE. IT. IS DESIGNED PRIMARILY FOR PHASE INVERTER SERVICE. GE 6SL7 Datasheet. If the page is blank click here GE 6SL7 Datasheet. Interesting Books on Amazon. Latest; Popular; Comments; Tags. Main-Decoder.

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If you want to use any material from my blog please contact me by email. Here is a quote from the datasheet:.

GE 6SL7 Datasheet | EZ

Usage of photos or text from my blog on other datashee or for any other purpose only with prior permission. I discovered by accident the center channel needs a 6SL7 rather than a 6SN7 to drive the Knowing this, there is something weird about somebody maintaining a dry storage for 60 years, storing tubes not a soul wanted to buy.

What means “must have been This is a tube s6l7 needs no selection for balancing. Like in the basement, a barn, or an attic.

And when not, it is false.

  ATPD 2352 PDF

Plates are nicely long size, 20mm. Tung-Sol made these in different variations:. This here is Sylvania, finest ‘s date code, military material. Another one with black base but shorter glass:. Not so with Thank you for your awesome blog. Does it really explain THIS? From the official data sheet link datashet the difference can be seen when comparing it with the commercial version.

TDSL Tube data [6SL7]

Unknown December 29, at 2: Original mA filament current tube. Green logo on socket.

I recently finished an amplifier with these doing voltage gain duty at the input. Looks like the above pictured tubes, but with etched gold printing. Stress those datasjeet much dagasheet maximum limits We sell more 6SL7 as we can buy. But honestly, would you today store some 20 years old replacement parts in a stock room, which cost you money, while you see definitely no application for them any more, and you let them in there for 40 more years?

6N9S = 6SL7 = 6SU7 = ECC35 tube. Double triode

Boxes nice and clean. Mark May 28, at 2: Was not sold for commercial purposes. Or does it explain something else? Believed to be NOS, but white boxes. I put the certificate, and original small control slip inside the box.


Mint Quality tubes, in Original military Boxes, with the lot number on it, and some more information Date stamp These have a nice low loss micanol base. The 7F7 deserves it’s own tube of the month post. We have still many of those, but people apparently LOVE to wait until they get less, and then jump on the boat at doubled prices. Just take two, and it’s a pair!

VinylSavor May 26, at And today, after they became expensive after all, they finally can be sold, and of course they come out crispy like now. Tim C May 26, at 8: Only visible with the tube top down. I am sorry, these are expensive, but tube quality, and old packaging is as NOS as can be. Military box, with date code and more information.